With A One-Off Approach, Success ISN’T in the Cards

Recently, our chief marketing officer mentioned to me that many visitors to our website have used Google My Business to search for “business cards near me.” Of course, we appreciate the business. But I think that those people and their companies would be much better off searching for a print management partner, instead.

I can understand the thinking. Some companies think of business cards as a commodity. Thus, they believe that it’s a one-off job. Find a place, get them printed, repeat as needed. Sounds simple—but it’s very shortsighted. Here’s why.

Three Downsides to “One-off” Business Cards

While you can get business cards from many sources, treating them as a stand-alone project sells your business short in several ways. Here are three of the most important.

  1. It wastes time.

In most cases, business cards are not a unique or unexpected need. So repeatedly searching out suppliers, getting quotes, evaluating options and following through with procurement clearly re-invents the wheel.

Without a print partner, different employees, perhaps even in different offices or facilities across your enterprise, take on that task “from scratch” each time you need business cards. The euphemism is “reinventing the wheel.” The reality is wasting hours of valuable employee time.

  1. It risks quality.

Hmmm. Potentially, a new print supplier each time. A different (and inexperienced) employee handling it each time. What could go wrong?

Your brand is precious. Business cards are often the first (and maybe the only) reminder a prospect has of that brand. A print partner can help protect it. With an approved template with all identity standards controlled, authorized employees can order cards as needed. That eliminates any variance in quality (or cost, for that matter).

  1. It reflects a lack of planning.

Perhaps the worst aspect is that one-off business card orders show the absence of a solid plan. A real plan places frequently printed materials (like business cards, tags, labels and forms), marketing collateral, and promotional products in the hands of one experienced, proven partner. You benefit from consistency, experience, and expertise based on true knowledge of your business goals and needs.

That partner can even set up a company store, through which key employees can order what they want, when they need it. That saves labor, controls costs and helps eliminate embarrassing and annoying errors.

That Business Card is Really a Ticket

So it’s time to stop treating business cards as a mundane task to be checked off the list via the nearest price-saver printer. Use them, instead, as an opportunity to put your print and promotional projects on a much more promising and profitable track.

A partnership with Superior will accomplish that. A vast network of quality print and promotional product resources gives you strength and capability. Advanced technologies add maximum efficiency. Our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement process, for example, puts that company store within your easy reach.

Add to that nearly 100 years of helping businesses work more efficiently. ISO certification sets high standards for the way we serve customers. And three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards show that those customers recognize real results. So stop searching for business cards and look for a true business-building partner: Superior. Contact us today for a free print management review.


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