Eco-Friendly Print Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Happy Earth Day! And I say that proudly on behalf of Superior and the whole print-on-paper industry. If you read Thursday’s post, you know we have plenty to celebrate as one of the most recyclable products and sustainable systems on the planet.

We’ve talked before about eco-friendly print, packaging and labels. And you probably know you should be making progress in that direction. But we realize that for many companies, the press of business and fear of tackling the unknown can make you put it off over and over.

But there’s no better time than Earth Day for us to remind you just how easy it is to do. We can help you make your entire print supply chain greener with essentially no worry or effort on your part.

9 Ways to Make Your Print Earth-Friendly

It’s not difficult to make your print supply chain one a “Mother Nature” could love.

Here is a starter list of ways you can alter your materials, processes and and other aspects of your operation to bring out the “green” in it.

  1. Smart Sizing and Positioning

The message and graphics are the critical content of a printed piece. You don’t need a big piece to present a big idea. Trim the size a bit to eliminate paper waste. And in offset printing, the careful positioning of small piece together on larger stock can minimize the amount of paper required.

  1. Use Recycled Paper

Think recycled paper is less bright than standard paper? I’m betting you couldn’t tell the difference unless you compared them side-by-side in very bright light. Your customers won’t notice. So this is an easy first step.

  1. Think Ink…and Forget Foil

It’s not just about the paper. Choose wisely when selecting ink. Stick with vegetable or soy inks in standard colors. Metallic and fluorescent inks are not environmentally friendly. And avoid foils unless absolutely necessary; they are harmful to the environment, too.

  1. Question Quantities

Break that habit of printing huge quantities to get lower unit costs. At the rate things change today, a high percentage of those “units” will be quickly outdated.

Better to find a partner like Superior who can offer you exceptional pricing at reasonable quantity levels. (Or better yet, “print-on-demand” capabilities that eliminate the need for massive printings and allow for maximum customization of sales messages as they are needed.

  1. Take Advantage of QR Codes

Why print large numbers of multi-page brochures? Give the environment a big boost by using QR codes on flyers, packaging, even your business cards. That gives your prospects easy access to your website, where they will find complete information about your company. (Or perhaps a special landing page with details about a promotion, etc.)

Be sure to try our QR code generator!

  1. Balance Your Print and Digital

Expanding on the item above, think of ways your printed materials and digital resources can interact efficiently.

There is much talk about the “customer journey” today, and that journey likely includes exposure to both print information and digital platforms.

A coordinated effort in which your brand has a consistent presence across both channels presents that customer a strong incentive to buy.

  1. Use Label Logic

Another opportunity to green your print supply chain comes in the area of labels. There are numerous eco-friendly label options to fit various label applications, such as:

  • Two-sided thermal labels that combine shipping/return labels and the invoice/packing slip into one printed piece.
  • Linerless labels that work much like adhesive tape, applied from large rolls. This is called a “zero label waste” labeling system.
  • Recycled labels and stickers that add sustainability to this part of your print supply chain.
  1. Demand Eco-friendly Promotional Items

Your message is often printed on promotional items. Make sure those items are as eco-friendly as other parts of your marketing operation. Superior has many available, including our sister brand which specializes in reusable bags.

  1. Be Proud of Your Green Efforts

Achieving sustainability will require all of us to play a part. So don’t keep your eco-friendly activities a secret.

Your employees can take pride in it. Your clients and customers will admire you for it.  And you will be sending a message to other businesses that “it’s time.”  And when they do their part, we all move forward.

Let Superior Show You the Green Way

Environmental awareness is nothing new for Superior. (Few things in business are new to us– we’ve been helping businesses improve their efficiency for nearly 100 years.) But it’s one more solid reason to explore a partnership with Superior.

Our five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards suggest that customers appreciate our guidance and sales results they have achieved through working with us. Our ISO certification (unique for a print provider) is another “proof point.”

Contact your five-time, award-winning Superior sales rep or contact Superior directly and ask for help implementing any and all of these eco-friendly ideas for your print supply chain. With our help, you can do the “right” thing for your business and your world at the same time.

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