Here’s How to Make Printing Services Easy to Save Time and Money

Maybe you’ve noticed those “dollar stores” popping up everywhere these days. I’m fine with that—a dollar store can be a convenient place to grab an item or two quickly, at a pretty reasonable price. But it’s not a place I’m going to partner with to provide the supplies and materials I need for a business. For that kind of relationship, like your printing services, you want a supplier who can offer the full spectrum of goods and services you need, and the business expertise to help your business be more productive and successful. What does that have to do with printing services? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Because these days you’ve also noticed plenty of ads for those quick online printing services. You know the ones—shouting “Get 1,000 business cards for just $9.99!” or “Banners starting at just $12.99!”. You might get lucky and get decent business cards or a small banner you use once that isn’t stitched properly and falls apart. But I compare it to a vending machine; if a problem arises, there’s nobody to turn to. There is a customer service department, but you cannot develop a good relationship with one point of contact.

You might as well put a little note on your laptop saying “this site owes me $9.99.” And if you need forms, flyers, brochures or promotional items—well, you’re probably out of luck. Because even if you do find someone to ask, they won’t be much help. They’re not built for business consulting—they’re built for quick little transactions with businesses that have no plan in place for their printing services. This lack of planning results in loss of employee productivity, time and money.

Printing Services Deliver Better Printing and Better Services

Of course I’m biased, and with good reason. That’s because I know how professional printing services can help a business thrive. The key to successfully managing your print projects today isn’t saving a buck or two on each of a hundred one-off orders. That’s a lot of work. A real solution to your printing services needs experience, technology….and a plan.

To really take control of your print supply chain, align yourself with a partner that can see the big picture and help you save both time and money on your printing. That requires taking a careful look at your enterprise and all its printing needs, from everyday forms to special catalogs, brochures and even promotional items. Only then can you get the benefit of smart thinking and advanced technology to deliver the quality you need at the best possible price.

Exhibit “A” for Smart Printing Services

That’s exactly what we do at Superior Business Solutions. One of our most popular technologies is Corporate Kiosk™. It’s hard to imagine a more efficient business model for handling printing needs. First, it allows you to create the right forms once and store them. Then, you can authorize as many or as few people as you like throughout your organization to order and reorder those forms. And those employees can be in multiple facilities across town or as far away as Mexico or South America.

As a result, you can better manage costs and prevent “rogue” ordering that can break the budget and cause quality fluctuations. Furthermore, you’ll save a great deal of employee time once the redundant shopping, specifying, ordering and proofing is eliminated. Corporate Kiosk gets rid of more headaches than a medicine cabinet full of acetaminophen.

Put Your Print Supply Chain Under New Management

Your business deserves better than the dollar-store approach to your printing services. Make them more effective and more efficient. And enable them to do a better job of projecting your company’s image and maximizing your company’s profits.

For almost a century we have been providing award-winning, ISO Certified, print supply chain solutions that save time and money and quite simply make work-life easier.

See how your company benefits by contacting us today to ask for a free print supply chain management review.

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