Is One-Off Printing Costing Your Business?

It’s bad enough that one-off printing projects call to mind that “reinventing the wheel” cliche, but it’s worse when you consider who has to do it. A stand-alone project usually means that someone who has limited experience in initiating, placing, and shepherding a print job to completion (and who certainly has better things to do)—is “awarded” the responsibility to do just that. And to quote another often-used phrase: your results may vary.

Great People Can Make Less-Than-Great Decisions

Print jobs can quickly take an employee out of his or her comfort zone. There are unlimited print resources available, and there is little way for an unfamiliar shopper to know what factors are most important. Vendor selection is, at best, a “best-guess” situation.

Project quality can vary, subjecting the company to uncertainty and even putting its image at risk. Reliability is usually an unknown, and delivery is a source of worry. The affected employee may resent being put in this position. And even if that employee tackles the job with enthusiasm, there is little way to know if even a job that came out “good enough” might have looked better, cost less and ate up fewer employee hours if another supplier had been chosen.

A Better Idea: Make the Right Choice ONCE

There IS a good alternative to this periodic one-off printing pain. Superior Business Solutions is an easy call. Our technologies remove the stress and uncertainty every time printing is needed, replacing it with the confidence that you will get print projects that are handled efficiently and delivered with quality on time and on budget.

That’s not just talk. Superior Business Solutions puts plenty of strength in your corner.

  • A network of more than 1,000 print providers nationwide; all thoroughly tested to measure up to our high standards for quality and performance.
  • Our unparalleled experience, allowing us to select the most appropriate vendors to meet time, quality and budget requirements.
  • A print management solution that means you are never “starting from scratch.” Our deep expertise means that every project hits the ground running.
  • Our knowledge of your business allows us to offer strategic solutions and better anticipate your printing needs.
  • Our truly exceptional Corporate Kiosk technology turns recurring prints needs into an automated system that takes pressure off everyone and ensures quality and consistency across your enterprise.
  • With Corporate Kiosk, you can make the important decisions up front, standardizing the look of forms and other printed pieces, while allowing employees you designate in each office or department to customize sections and information as appropriate.
  • Printed promotional items are handled with equal efficiency, saving employee time and eliminating the risk of “maverick” product choices or unexpected cost fluctuations. Our vast promotional product network features vendors chosen for quality and responsiveness.

Make One Call That Will Save Money, Time and Hassle

Don’t wait until the next printing project is upon you to start thinking about it. Now is the best time to get control, and put a print management system in place so chaos and confusion never have a chance to get started. Our sales representatives are skilled at reviewing your needs and coming up with ways we can help. That’s what we’re here for, so give them a call!

And feel free to get in touch with me directly, too. I’d be happy to talk about ways to we can work together to improve the way print projects flow through your organization. I can almost guarantee it will save you money and aggravation—but I’m also pretty confident the print work you get from it will leave you looking better in the eyes of your prospects and customers, too.

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