Our Customers Make the Case For Us

Things are finally starting to get “back to normal.” But why settle for that, when you can get your company back to “better than normal?” We recently shared a bit of good news with you. But it’s good news for you too, because you can use it to improve your business through commercial print management from the best in print.

We have now been honored with “Best of Print and Digital” status for five consecutive years. And you could count on your pinkie fingers the number of companies in our industry that have achieved that.

What’s It to You? Time and Money, That’s All

The Best of Print and Digital Award isn’t handed out by some inside industry big-shots. It’s awarded because our customers gave us great reviews when they were asked about us by an independent testing firm. Basically, we performed for people like you.

Here are the kinds of things we did for them:

  1. We streamlined the process of meeting all their print and collateral needs by eliminating redundancies and the duplication of effort by employees, who often have to learn how print procurement works every time a print project “comes up.” Frankly, our expertise beats their ‘legwork” every time. And they get to concentrate on their real jobs.
  2. We helped those customers ensure that their quality standards are met. When different people use different sources for lots of different projects, you get lots of different versions of “quality.” Mistakes often happen. And your brand almost always suffers.
  3. We reduced their costs. With a supply chain network of nearly 3,000 printer/vendors, we have an unmatched ability to leverage supply and demand, finding the best available price among suppliers capable of delivering a quality product on the required timetable.

We Make Your Life Easier

You won’t find the capabilities above at just any print partner.

We’ve perfected our ability to deliver efficiency through nearly 100 years of helping businesses thrive. It’s what we were founded on. And it’s what we do today.

We do it through advanced processes and the latest technologies like our Corporate Kiosk™.

Corporate Kiosk is an online portal or “company store” that allows the employees you designate to order company approved business forms, literature, even promotional items as needed. This central sourcing means the quality doesn’t vary. The price doesn’t vary.

Is that good for your bottom line?  Very.

Learn More About a Company Store

With your own online company store open for business, your employees, agents, and dealers will easily be able to order stationery, business cards, print collateral, and also promotional products from any office throughout your organization. With multiple locations and many working from home, a company store is a must. Accounting will even be happy!

e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Corporate Kiosk’s on-demand e-procurement catalog technology allows a distributed company to connect its ecosystem of end-users to purchase, supply, and fulfill materials for marketing, promotion, corporate identity, forms, labels, stationery from an online company store. Our platform can optimize inventory, procurement, and spend management for maximum efficiency.

Corporate Kiosk’s benefits include:

  • Reduced administrative costs through workflow automation
  • Compliance with corporate purchasing rules
  • Mass adoption driven by ease-of-use and unified ordering experience
  • Hosted platform to provide instant ROI with no new CapEx
  • Integration with existing ERP and procurement systems including SAP, Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and other enterprise software solutions
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley multi-jurisdictional sales and use tax regulations
Business solutions for distributed regional offices

A Centralized Solution

Corporate Kiosk connects complex, distributed businesses to their vast ecosystems of end-users within a single platform. Once connected, compliance with procurement contracts, data security, corporate purchasing rules, brand standards, and multi-jurisdiction tax compliance become automated and standard.

Corporate Kiosk allows any distributed business to receive goods and services through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that requires no capital expenditure and does not rely on internal Corporate IT for support.

Get Started

Look at a recent example in this print management case study.  We were able to help a leading company generate well over a quarter of a million dollars in annual print savings. It provides a great example of the services we offer, and the time and money we save our customers in the process.

Work with “The Best” – According to People Like You

So while your competitors are treading water, just trying to get back to normal, you can make waves. Put your print management system in high gear. You’ll enjoy life more, and be freed up to spend your time on growing your business.

Use the links at the top of the page to contact us, or reach out to one of our 5-time award-winning Superior sales reps.

Working with Superior isn’t a license to print money (we can’t do that). It just seems like it to our customers. For five years now.

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