Label Rule #1: Stick with Labels that DO!

Today’s headline is kind of a trick. Because once you purchase the wrong label, it’s too late to keep it from peeling. The answer, of course, is purchasing the right custom labels in the first place.

The best way to do that, of course, is to choose a proven and experienced label provider. And good news—I think I can point you to one.

Risk Factors…for the Label and Your Brand

There are plenty of things that will cause a poor quality or improperly chosen label to peel. Here are just a few:

  • extreme heat or cold
  • humidity
  • handling
  • moist environment
  • poor or incorrect adhesive
  • age

And label problems create brand problems. A peeling label can cost you directly in lost sales due to products missing a label, or being rejected by buyers for its unsightly appearance. And those things can quickly cause an image problem for your brand.

But even that’s not the worst-case scenario.

When labels are part of a key product management and identification protocol, such as the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), the damage can escalate greatly.

Missing or undecipherable label tracking information could make you unable to trace produce shipments back to their source to help identify and isolate contaminated batches. Not a good look for your business, in the eyes of consumers and legislators.

Stick with Experience

A lot of things worth avoiding in that last section. But an experienced provider like Superior can see you through it.

Nearly a century of helping businesses succeed has taught us a great deal about labels, and what we see as the two most important considerations in providing them.

  1. Avoiding Label Problems

No small task. But it is critical to consider all factors involved: the product surface to which it will be applied and the path it will travel. That impacts (or should) the choices of materials, adhesives, and application techniques to be used. We know what to look for, in order to look out for your products.

  1. Maximizing Label Opportunities

A label can do great things for your brand.

We can give you labels that last, and look great doing it.

With our vast national network of suppliers, we can deliver attractive custom labels in any shape and in any finish from classic matte to shiny silver foil. They’ll stick to your product…but they’ll grab and hold the attention of potential customers, too.

Sticky Labels from a Standout Supplier

You won’t find a better track record for labels than Superior. For those demanding applications, our ISO certification is just what the doctor (or engineer) ordered.

Our five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards attach a label to us: customer-pleasers!

So let’s get started! Contact Superior or one of our award-winning sales reps today (you’ll find links at the top of this page). We help many industries—such as warehousing, healthcare, food service, automotive, and many more—with specific needs for their custom labels to best suit each one’s products and situation.

Peeling? Never.

Appealing? You bet.

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