Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 11.11.32 AMFind Out More About This Amazingly Efficient New Label

Sometimes the most efficient solutions are found in the most interesting places. The Two-Sided (Duplex) Shipping Label is a great and simple solution to distribution efficiency. The Duplex label is a combination of the shipping and return label and the packing slip and invoice all on one double-sided sheet.

Because of this, it has many advantages that go beyond saving paper. It not only makes things easier by eliminating the expensive and labor intensive “packing list enclosed” pouch, it also ensures that the packing slip cannot be lost since it is part of the shipping label itself. And it saves money and time, leaning up your distribution center and driving efficiency.

Part of making an industry more efficient involves tracing the cost of specific activities in the value stream. Companies who do this have the benefit of fully understanding what financial benefit will result when a specific activity is improved or eliminated — in this case, the extra labels required to ship something has now been reduced down to one.

Duplex Shipping Label: Leaner and Greener

The Duplex shipping label demands fewer consumables in order to ship boxes. You don’t need a separate shipping label, a plastic pouch, or the packing list. That’s a lot of saved resources, time, and paper. And it costs much less! So check out the Duplex shipping label and improve the efficiency of your distribution center.

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