Keep Production of Your Custom Labels Flowing and Your Business Growing

For many businesses, “the busy season” is approaching, or it’s already here. That’s especially true if your company depends on holiday orders for survival. Chances are your production is humming and your manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution functions are being put to the test. That stress makes it both the most likely time – and the least convenient time—to experience problems with your custom labels.

I thought it would be worth a quick custom label “checkup” today. I hope to help you make sure your custom labels and the print supply chain mechanisms that provide them are up to the task. Your business won’t be going places if your products aren’t getting to the right ones.

Check the Custom Labels—Throughout Your Operation

Custom labels can range from quite basic to somewhat sophisticated, including technologies like barcodes, RFID, digital, laser and thermal labeling. And you might not even consider how critical they are in many areas of your operation.

  • Warehousing and Distribution Inventory

Labels allow you to track what you have, where it is in your facility, and when it needs replenishment. This helps you stay on top of orders and prevent outages.

  • Shipping and Logistics Labels

From the production line to the end user, labels help drive the distribution and fulfillment process. They promote speed and accuracy, which are critical to customer satisfaction and your business reputation. They also enable real-time data that (depending on your industry) not only heads off problems but helps you meet ever-increasing regulations for precise tracking of products and shipments for food safety.

  • Industry-Specific Label Applications

Many industries must deal with especially demanding label requirements. I’ve written about the food and agricultural industries and their critically important and stringent Product Traceability protocols. And as produce and other products travel to retail, labels must adhere to a multitude of surfaces and endure diverse weather.

Besides doing what all labels do, those used in medicine must also protect privacy and offer extreme accuracy. In addition, they must be versatile enough to adhere to vials, test tubes and other unusual surfaces. Labels in the automotive industry add complexity having to accommodate the blending of parts and sub-assemblies as well as rigorous production lines.

What Can Go Wrong with Custom Labels?

Custom labels are often thought of as a “commodity.” But they have a huge impact on your success. If you don’t appreciate their importance, you’ve obviously not had to deal with common problems. Labels can fail to adhere properly under challenging weather, wear poorly, or fall short in delivering the accurate inventory tracking they are designed for.

You can also run into supply issues. Consider also the negative effects of labels being ordered by different people in different departments or facilities, causing a problem with standardization or integrated performance. And maybe you haven’t looked at the unnecessary costs piling up from using that (lack of a) system.

Here’s What Can Go RIGHT with SCM for Your Custom Labels

Custom labels can faithfully deliver the efficiency and protection you need with the help of Print Supply Chain Management (SCM). There’s no better way to solve current problems and head off future headaches. You get quality labels and tags designed specifically for each application, where and when you need them.

SCM streamlines label and tag procurement and minimizes the costs connected with them. It reduces the need for administrative attention and wasted employee hours. Advanced e-procurement technologies like Superior Business Solutions’ Corporate Kiosk™ can offer on-demand printing to selected employees choosing from authorized-in-advance options. Mishaps are avoided, costs are controlled, and things run more smoothly.

We Can Supply the Supply Chain Expertise

Superior Business Solutions is approaching 100 years of helping businesses run more efficiently. There is plenty of evidence to show that we know what we’re doing. Our ISO certification isn’t a claim; it’s proof that our systems measure up to demanding customer-focused standards. Our two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards indicate that our customers notice the difference.

Contact Superior for an audit of print, tags and custom labels used in your supply chain. It could help ensure that your ‘busy” season finds you busy doing business instead of solving problems.


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