Label Logic. Part Two of Two: Leverage Your Labels with Experience

In Thursday’s post, I talked about some ways custom labels on your products can help—or hurt—the sales and profits they generate for your company. The right label can help your brand stand out from its rivals. Clever use of color and graphics (even materials) can make labels work like magnets to draw customers’ attention and dollars.

The wrong label can hurt in several ways. A bland or poorly produced label can make our product virtually invisible at the point of purchase. A bad tracking or distribution label can easily create logistics problems, hampering timely and accurate delivery. That can turn current customers former ones pretty quickly.

5 Ways the Right Partner Can Help

The best way to avoid those “wrong label” troubles is to make sure you align with the right partner. You can buy your labels as a one-time, price-shopped purchase. But that’s selling your business short. Because it would miss out on all the benefits that come with putting a solid label-smart print supplier in your corner. Here are just some of those benefits:

1. Deep experience to call upon

A good partner has many years of successful experience in print projects including labels. It really means “peace of mind” for you, because it means that partner has a long track record of satisfied clients. As an example, Superior’s track record is nearly 100 years long.

2. Broad Experience in Labels

“Labels” can mean anything from brand-defining product labels and sales-building custom IRC labels to the intricate tracking labels required by federal law for food and product safety. They may also need to endure extreme weather and rough handling. You can’t know all the subtleties. Thus, your partner had better.

3. Extensive Resources Available

With potential partners, don’t saddle up with a one-trick pony. Your partner should be able to tap a long list of vendors representing the full range of skill sets. You won’t meet your budget, deadline and quality requirements without that array of trustworthy suppliers.

4. Advanced Systems and Technologies

Maximum label efficiency today requires technology. It’s that simple. Your partner should offer systems that deliver the right labels exactly when you need them. With Superior, our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement technology lets authorized employees order labels (and other items) from a pre-approved menu of choices. Time and money saved, quality and accuracy assured.

5. Not Just a Receipt—a Relationship

If only an invoice is at the end of your label project, you have not chosen a partner wisely. By forming a relationship with a qualified label printing partner, you get an ongoing, maximum-efficiency plan for getting labels and other printing needs handled successfully.

The Perfect Label Partner

A partner that meets all those criteria is worth searching for. But it doesn’t have to be a long search. Just call Superior. Few can match our experience, in both depth and variety. Even fewer can match our ISO certification, which ensures a rigid customer-service focus. And I think three straight Best of Print and Digital awards from our customers is a rather compelling track record.

So contact Superior or one of our talented sales reps today. They know labels and can offer you plenty of efficiency-building ideas to help your company get them more efficiently. Your product and reputation are behind your labels. It will be good to know Superior is, too.

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