Portable Sneeze Guards Are A Clear Benefit for Back-to-School

We’ve been living with coronavirus for months now, but this is NO time to let your guard down. In fact, it’s a great time to put your guard UP; a portable sneeze guard, that is, for kids in elementary school to the college level.

We’ve been championing the effort to provide all the PPE for your business. Now, as kids start returning to school, it’s time to do all we can to keep them safe as we do.

Parents are naturally concerned about kids being in fairly close quarters for lengthy periods of time.

But you can help minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 or any virus with a portable sneeze guard. It’s an excellent product that schools, school districts, and parents should find very interesting.

Blocks the Virus, Not the Learning

Our partners at Logocut are used to working with acrylic panels for awards and many other uses. Now, they’ve put that expertise to work to come up with Portable Sneeze Guards for the classroom to help prevent the circulation of droplets that could spread the virus.

High-quality laser-cut clear acrylic panels provide an unencumbered view of the teacher and lesson.

All they obstruct are the potentially harmful emissions from coughing, sneezing, loud talking, laughing, and more.

A Variety of Sizes and Shapes

A child can easily carry the Portable Sneeze Guard to and from school.

And it is easily assembled and put in place, with simple hinged panels or interlocking tabs.

Portable Sneeze Guards are in stock in several standard sizes,  with custom sizes available as well. There are even “X shields” that create four separated “stations” at a round table.

Provide an Extra Layer of Safety

So to all parents, principles, schools, and school districts—why not help everyone breathe a little easier this school year? Check out Portable Sneeze Guards. They are not barriers—they are a clear advantage for everyone interested in a successful school year.

The Superior Way to Smart PPE

We’ve been helping clients in every industry – including education –operate more efficiently and effectively for almost a century. And during this pandemic, that has meant pivoting to source important PPE for all of them. We’ve been praised by our governor and mentioned in the media for doing so.

Our ISO certification certainly helps. It holds us to a consistent, customer-focused approach. But so does the dedication and resourcefulness of our people. Their efforts have enabled us to earn Best of Print and Digital honors for four consecutive years.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant for more information and pricing on these portable sneeze guards for school.  We love making businesses and organizations more efficient. And we really love helping keep kids safer.

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