Things Your Business NEEDS – at Prices You’ll LOVE

Today, I’m going to “cut to the chase.” You know we’ve been a go-to source for PPE for your business since the very beginning. But the end of December marks the end of one great deal to save on some critical items thanks to a special offer from one of our trusted partners.

It’s time for your business to position itself as a safe choice now and in the future with the two items on sale right now: hand sanitizer stations and protective counter barriers.

Both can be imprinted to proudly display your logo and branding so customers remember who is providing them that reassuring protection.

Keeping Health Handy


SALE on Hand Sanitizer StationsHand sanitizer is one of THE most requested PPE items we’ve had from businesses. And people have come to expect it to be readily available when and where they want it.

Your business can provide sanitizer with a number of different hand sanitizer station designs. Stand-alone panels, post-mounted dispensers, table-top units and more.

And now through Dec. 31, you can order them at 5th Column pricing, with NO set-up fees. You simply aren’t going to beat that deal. But you DO have to beat that deadline.

Don’t forget, Superior also offers great pricing on sanitizer, too.  Stay ahead of your current needs, and stock up for these great new sale-priced units, too.

Protective Barriers Help Business Flow Freely

SALE on Protective Counter BarriersProtective barriers help customers feel safer doing business with you. And they provide critical protection for those customers and your valued employees, as well.

Choose protective barriers with a clear window and a frame with removable feet and hook-and-loop fasteners for attaching to counters or tables. Or select protective acrylic barriers that permit a full transparent view throughout the transaction.

Again, you get 5th Column pricing and NO set-up fees. But remember, Dec. 31 is your savings barrier because that’s when these great prices expire.

See Opportunities More Clearly with Superior

This time it’s great savings on the products you need now. But we help businesses succeed in countless ways, and have been doing it since  1924.

Our ISO certification holds us to stringent standards that mean you can count on our same effective processes on every project. We’ve earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital honors, as well. And those matter, because they are based on feedback from our customers in an objective survey.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant and mention this blog post and ask for this deal before it is gone. So…Happy Holidays…but Hurry!

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