PPE to Battle Coronavirus and Boost Your Business

Own or manage a business? It’s likely that two things are dominating your attention these days. First, of course, is the coronavirus and protecting against it. The second is how to help your business survive if you are still operating, or bounce back quickly if you are not.

Many of you are trying to decide what kinds of personal protective equipment to purchase, and where to find IN-Stock PPE for your business for COVID-19. If so, today’s post could be a great help. We’ve gathered together 15 items that are the things you will want right now to keep your employees and customers safe, and your business strong and visible.

The Best Unbranded and Branded PPE for Coronavirus

What I’m saying here does not constitute medical advice. But many items on this list, like sterilizers and hand sanitizers in several forms, are in demand right now for protection against coronavirus. Others will help essential businesses function during the coronavirus threat, and locked-down businesses return safely to operation when the time comes (hopefully soon).

In addition, many of these items may be customized with your logo or branding. So your business earns awareness as well as appreciation for providing them to employees and customers.

Let’s have a look. 

  1. Liquid Hand Sanitizer in a Gallon Bottle

In-stock Gallons of Liquid Sanitizer Ship in 24 Hours!
You need plenty on hand, and here it is in a big package so you will not run out. We have this IN-STOCK and ready to ship to you. No more worry over sourcing hand-sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is the go-to protector for hands and surfaces in a wide range of industries. This large bottle is great for filling smaller dispensing units. Pump can be added. Available in full cases, four one-gallon jugs in each. What is great about this sanitizer (other than the size) is that it is a liquid and not a gel. Therefore, it can be sprayed. A must-have for every organization. 

  1. Great Price Point! UV Sterilizer and Wireless Phone Charger

Great price Point UV Sterilizer and Wireless Phone ChargerSanitize phones and other small personal items in just 15 minutes. It’s an easy every-day habit for every-day protection. Phones that are Q1 enabled will charge while sanitizing.

  1. UV Sterilizer and Wireless Phone Charger Comes in Many Colors

UV Sterilizer and Wireless Phone Charger Comes in Many ColorsJewelry, keys, your phone, and other small items are quickly sanitized in this attractive unit, available in four colors. Charges Q1-enabled phones while they are being sanitized.

  1. Ultra-Fast UV Sterilizer – Done in 5 Minutes

Ultra-Fast UV Sterilizer Done in 5 MinutesUses 360 degrees of ultraviolet rays to destroy bacteria and viruses within 5 minutes. Unique and portable, it sterilizes phones, masks, keys, and other small items at home, in the office, or both.

  1. Flu-Buster Pocket UVC Sanitizer Light

Flu-Buster Pocket UVC Sanitizer Light-254nm for Flu virus and bacteria -2Ultraviolet disinfection technology is effective against viruses and bacteria.  (That’s why it is used in hospital and clinic waiting rooms the clean and disinfect the air.) Great for your home, your workplace, and your car as you travel between them. Uses 254nm UVC light.

  1. Super Shopper PPE Kit Fanny Pack

Super Shopper PPE Kit Fanny PackEveryday protection while you are on the go. Budget waist pack with multiple compartments. Features adjustable belt and ABS plastic buckle release. Contents include a protective mask and gloves, a ballpoint pen and a single-use pack of gel hand sanitizer. Displays your logo boldly.

  1. 5 Ft. Entrance Tent with Hand Sterilizer and Disinfecting Floor Mat and Holder –Full Kit

5 Ft. Entrance Tent with Hand Sterilizer and Disinfecting Floor Mat and Holder - FULL KIT BRANDED5’ X 5’ tent provides a safety-screening entry point for offices, hotels, and retail businesses. Includes an induction-type hand sterilizer and a disinfecting floor mat. Give customers and employees confidence that all precautions are being taken. Plenty of surface area on tent top and walls for instructions, as well as branding.

  1. 10 Ft. Entrance Tent with Hand Sterilizer and Disinfecting Floor Matt and Holder Full Kit

10 Ft. Entrance Tent with Hand Sterilizer and Disinfecting Floor Mat and Holder - FULL KIT BRANDEDA 10’ X 10’ tent with induction hand sterilizer and 2 disinfecting floor mats and holders. It provides a bold and visible entryway that shows you are following precautions to maintain a safe environment.

  1. CDC-approved Stock Handwashing Posters

CDC approved Stock Posters | Hand washing series (8.5x11)An upbeat way to encourage hand-washing and general cleanliness and an important reminder to employees and customers to help us work against this pandemic. Laminated both sides on paper stock. Each measures 8½” X 11” and includes adhesive strips for hanging.

  1. The Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tool with Retractable Badge Holder

The Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tool with Retractable Badge HolderSteer clear of high-contact surfaces with the Kooty Key. Less touching, less worry! There are plenty of multi-tools out there to help stay clear of germs, but this is the original Kooty Key. It features a hook to grab and open doors and a rubberized tip for non-contact typing on keypads of all types. Carabiner is included. Retractable badge-holder adds even more convenience and functionality.

  1. Custom Character Hand Sanitizer Spray

Custom Character Hand Sanitizer SprayUnique, colorful, and perfect for your branding. (And that branding might be an image of YOU!) Contains .33 oz. of sanitizer with a mild citrus smell. Complies with FDA, Prop. 65. It leaves a memorable impression, so it’s great for realtors and others with frequent public contact.

  1. Branded Large Fishbowl with Mini Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Spray with Key Chain

Branded Large Fish Bowl with Mini Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Spray With Key ChainOutstanding for trade shows and other events. Fishbowl is filled with 100 small hand sanitizers, a timely and appreciated give-away item. Or, let visitors guess the number to win. It’s a versatile promotional piece that can fit with any theme and work at any time of year.

  1. Tek Booklet with Bling Credit Card Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Tek Booklet with Bling Credit Card Antibacterial Hand SanitizerCountless options available from gel packs to credit card size hand sanitizer. Available in single, double or triple fold styles. We can also do a fully custom awareness booklet a coupon, a QR code, or your company story.  Complies with FDA, Prop. 65.

  1. Branded Antifoam Hat with Shield

Branded Antifoam Hat with ShieldComfortable protection that looks great. Each hat comes with a built-in shield to help protect the wearer from airborne bacteria or viruses. Available in many options including baseball caps and some that fold into themselves. Hats sized for kids are also available!

  1. SNEEZE GUARD Suspended Partition – Plexiglass Kit

SNEEZE GUARD Suspended Partition -2If your business involves direct customer contact, you need to protect yourself and your employees against coughing and sneezing. This is a quick and easy way to do it. It affords excellent visibility without hampering daily duties. Many sneeze guards are available, but this one is exceptional. Durable plexiglass/acrylic in multiple widths and lengths, 3/16’ to ¼” thick with rounded corners. Hang vertically or horizontally.

One Standout Source for Your PPE Needs for COVID-19 Protection

Lots of great ideas on that list. But the best idea is to just talk to us. We have access to many different PPE products IN-STOCK NOW and other items to help businesses run efficiently during this pandemic. (Just as we have been doing in every kind of situation for nearly 100 years.)

You may be tired of hearing about our ISO certification and four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. But in times like these, I think it helps to have some strong proof points when deciding what providers you can trust.

Contact Superior today, or reach out to your Superior sales rep for help sourcing the best PPE for coronavirus your business needs. Think of it as PPE, PDQ.

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