Branded Protective Counter Barriers for COVID-19 Keep Employees Safe

As you know by now, we’ve been at the forefront of helping provide PPE for coronavirus to our customers and partners. Most people think of masks, gloves, and sanitizer when they hear that. But today, I’d like to talk about an item that may be just as important to reopening your business, protecting your employees, and serving your customers safely.

We live in interesting times, thanks to COVID-19. Right now, one of the biggest barriers to successfully restoring your company to full operation is a lack of barriers in your workplace environment. Transparent protective barriers are required or recommended in a wide variety of situations and applications. For good reason.

Commerce Gets Through, Viruses Won’t

Transparent barriers of acrylic or PVC are the perfect solution to reduce the possibility of spreading the coronavirus. The primary means of transmission is through droplets emitted by the nose and mouth in common conversation and interaction. A clear barrier helps shut down the problem.

Where do protective counter barriers make sense? Almost any you can think of.

  • Retail businesses (cashiers, service desks)
  • Take-out/carry-out counters in foodservice
  • Wholesale supply facilities
  • Internal departments (parts, payroll, maintenance)
  • Anywhere employees interact with customers or other employees

Two Superior Counter Barrier Options

We offer two protective counter barriers in PVC or acrylic materials. Both offer you the opportunity to add your branding but are available without as well. And both are available in three popular and functional sizes:

  • 24” X 24”
  • 24” x 32”
  • 40” x 32”

Branded Protective Counter Barriers with logo and without

PVC Protective Counter Barriers offer excellent durability and include removable feet to stand alone on tables or countertops. Hook and loop fasteners also permit attachment to walls or structural members for most strategic barrier placement. Turnaround time is approximately 18 days.

Acrylic Protective Counter Barriers provide similar free-standing functionality for multiple applications. They offer a more economical option and a shorter turnaround time for more urgent or time-sensitive needs.

Protection That Pays

Superior has been helping businesses operate to maximum efficiency for nearly 100 years now. That experience enables us to “see around corners” and take a longer view of the costs and benefits of products and services that help our customer businesses.

Protective counter barriers are more than a smart investment right now. They provide a critical margin of safety for COVID-19, of course. But purchase barriers once, and your employees and customers (and your business) enjoy an extra level of protection against flu seasons and other transmittable health threats for years to come.

A Clear View of the Path Forward

The protective barriers I’ve shown you today allow for a clear and open sightline that allows worry-free interaction among your employees and customers. But right now, you probably wish you had a clear vision of how your business will weather COVID-19 and return to normal ASAP.

We can help with that part, too. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do have some things that provide a clear view of what you can expect from doing business with Superior. Our ISO certification ensures that we are focused on customer service. And our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards are a clear indication that our customers benefit from it.

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep to place your order for the perfect protective counter barrier today. And remember, whatever a strange business climate puts in your way, we’ll help see you through it.

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