Here are Our Readers’ Top Picks for Print & Promo Content for 2019…What Did You Miss?

It’s only natural that, at this time of year, we all take a look back at the year’s “best this”, or the year’s “top that”. We’re going to join that party….but with a little different purpose. Today I’m going to share a list of the print and promo posts on this blog that were the most highly viewed during 2019.

We’re not patting ourselves on the back. I just know it’s not easy to catch every post in the course of the year. A list like this might keep you from missing something you might find valuable.

So we checked Google Analytics and learned which posts (whether they were written in 2019 or not) have been viewed the greatest number of times in the past year. It’s not necessarily a “greatest hits” collection. But it is something of a “greatest number of hits” album. Starting with our most highly viewed post, let’s look at the top ten. 

  1. How to Easily Create a Google Maps QR Code for Your Business

We talked about QR codes quite a bit during 2019, for good reason. They are valuable sales enablement tools. In this, our most highly viewed post, we led with the idea of using a QR code on all your print materials to instantly provide potential customers with the location of your business on Google Maps. Several other good uses for QR codes are discussed, as well.

  1. Are QR Codes Dead or Will They Work for Your Business?

Here’s another post on QR codes you really shouldn’t “myth.”  Some business people don’t understand how to use QR codes, so they fall for the claims by alleged experts that they are an outdated technology that is losing ground. That’s not true; their use, in fact, is growing. This post challenges many of those false perceptions and demonstrates that QR codes are more useful than ever. It’s the businesses that fail to take advantage of them that are losing ground.

  1. How to Find Minority and Women Owned Business Partners in 5 Easy Steps

It’s good business in many ways. Partnerships with companies owned by minorities and women pays dividends in lots of ways. You can earn government tax breaks. You can qualify to pitch more business opportunities. And you help support local communities and families. All that in addition to the fact that it’s simply the right thing to do. This post helps you achieve it.

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Host a Golf Tournament?

The title is a bit of a fooler on this one. This post, instead, shows what a valuable opportunity a golf tournament or outing can be for your business. If you’re uncertain or “on the fence” about hosting or sponsoring one, the information in this post will get you off the fence and on your way toward a very profitable event. The potential benefits are eye-opening.

  1. Top 10 Blogs for the Agriculture Industry

Our work creating PTI labels led us to our number five most viewed post and it was actually written some time ago…but has only “grown” in popularity. It’s a valuable resource that compiles a variety of blogs that provide valuable information and helpful insights for those who work in (or work with) the industry.  The list includes blogs aimed at small farms, organic farms and many that deal with topics relevant to all industry participants.

  1. 10 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through Your Workday

The right set of words can start your day off right, make you more productive, or put more “positive” in your attitude. How can you resist checking out motivating words from a celebrated group of personalities that include Abraham Lincoln, Mario Andretti, Robert Frost, and Yoda?  (Yes, Yoda.)

  1. 10 Quotes to Promote Mindfulness at Work

Check out these quotes, and you’ll finally understand that fuzzy “mindfulness” thing. The list offers inspiring words that will help you take things in stride, treat others more fairly, feel better and be happier. If even one of those things happens, it was worth checking the list, right?  Warning: I threw one of my own quotes on the pile. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  1. How to Green Your Printing? Here Are 10 Ways to Go Eco-friendly with Print

We know (and often explain how) paper is a renewable resource, and printing on it is environmentally sound. But it’s always a good idea to be mindful and proactive in your use of resources. This post makes sustainable print even “greener.” I offer plenty of good suggestions about the best materials and processes to use (or not) to save paper and support ecology.

  1. 7 Promotional Marketing Ideas for the Food and Beverage Industry

It’s a very broad industry we work with which has many participants: think farmers, ranchers, food producers, bottlers, distillers, retailers, restaurants and all the logistics and transportation providers it all depends upon. To succeed in that arena, your promotional marketing had better be up to the task, or you will disappear in the crowd. This post collects seven different promotional marketing products and vehicles that will help get your brand and products noticed at trade shows and in the marketplace.

  1. Top 10 Blogs for the Automotive Industry

Auto parts, auto trends, car buffs, and Mechanics Files – it’s all here. Whether you’re an industry insider, a “shade tree mechanic” or just a car lover, I’ll bet you find something here you’ll begin to follow regularly. Looking for long-term trends? Got it. Parts, tools and repair tips? Yup. General car information?  Plenty here – some with a twist of quirky, like “Car Talk.” Gear up and check it out.

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