How much does it cost to host a golf tournament?”

You May Be Asking the Wrong Question!

Is your company considering hosting a golf outing as a fundraising opportunity for a non-profit you support or are you part of a non-profit considering a golf tournament to raise funds? Are you worried about how much it costs to host a golf tournament? What you should really be thinking about is how much money you can raise. Consider this statistic:

“There were over 12 million participants last year in charitable tournaments with over $4.5 billion in sales opportunities.”

Want to know where I got that statement? It is basically the first thing you see in our (updated) 2021 Golf Tournament Planning Guide. It’s a publication you are certainly going to want to download immediately. And it contains info that will not only answer your questions but give you very helpful input on what to expect, and what to do to maximize your return on a golf outing investment.

Clearly, there’s plenty involved. But by downloading the guide, you’ll find the details already organized for you, along with tips and schedules to follow. And by working with our on-staff tournament pro, you will become comfortable quickly with what is one of the most profitable fundraising mechanisms around. And you will ace the two most important factors in a successful golf tournament or outing.

1. Generating Interest IN Your Outing

Golfers truly enjoy participating in golf outings. That is why so many companies and non-profits host and/or participate in them. But they can’t take unlimited time off to play in too many, so they must “pick their spots.” How can you be sure they will pick yours? You need a full complement of paying participants for your event to succeed.

Our 2019 (updated 2021) Golf Tournament Planning Guide offers plenty of help in that direction. It starts with the basics, like the type of course to select and several popular formats from which you can choose. (Hint: once you read it, you won’t have to “scramble” for an answer.) But it also helps with plenty of other decisions.

Whom should you invite? What kinds of promotion or public relations tactics work best? What is the best timing for announcing the tournament, inviting guests, and each additional step along the way? It’s in the guide. With an actual checklist of “what” to do “when.”

2. Generating Revenue from Your Outing

Charity outings exist to raise money. But even when companies and organizations host golf outings for clients, prospects or employees, money is an important factor. In each case, you want to control your spending, yet deliver an outing that offers exceptional value and a positive, memorable experience.

Our 2019 Golf Tournament Planning Guide is a wealth of information in this area. Your expenses can be defrayed (or even eliminated) by offering other companies the opportunity to sponsor many different elements of the tournament. They can get visibility by putting their name and/or logo on a variety of items, competitions and special opportunities available. And they happily pay you for that privilege, through sponsorship fees or providing the merchandise free or at a greatly reduced cost.  Here are just a few of those opportunities:

Golfer gifts: golf balls, gloves, towels, tees for use by golfers during the event

Kitting, where several of these items are grouped into a “swag bag” for every participant

Polo shirts or other apparel or golf-related items as prizes for putting green contests and on-course competitions such as “longest drive” and “closest-to-the-pin”

• Items from sponsors donated for use in a “silent auction

Club, shoe and golf bag “fitting” sessions for players by equipment professionals

Getting From “Maybe We Should” to “Glad We Did”

Superior can help you get there from here. Our (updated link above) 2021 Golf Tournament Planning Guide is the perfect “golf outing planning checklist.” There’s no better resource for minimizing snags and maximizing return.

We’ve been helping businesses operate more efficiently for nearly 100 years. Our proven processes have earned ISO certification, and our results have earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. Contact Superior today. We’d love to help you make a golf outing happen. But with our experience, we can probably ‘chip in” to help your business in many different ways.

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