Promotional Marketing Tools That Get Your Brand Noticed

Promotional marketing influences people. And it’s hard to imagine an industry that touches more people. Society is fed by those involved in the food and beverage industry. That includes the farmers, workers and companies that grow, harvest, produce, process, and distribute its products. Further, it includes the retail stores, restaurants and other facilities that sell and serve all those foods and beverages.

If you work in that industry, you should be proud, and deserve thanks from all of us. But you also need to make sure that you protect and grow your piece of that about important business. Sure, that starts with high-quality products and service. But it also depends upon letting people know about you, what you offer, and why you are different. Don’t leave that to chance.

7 Promotional Products Proven to Work for the Food and Beverage Industry

Promotional marketing keeps your business top of mind for the customers you care about most. For some businesses, the target may be supermarket shoppers. Other companies may be more interested in influencing the wholesalers and distributors who supply their produce or perishables to grocery chains. Still others might want to communicate with food trucks, caterers, or restaurant managers about product quality.

With all the above audiences and many others, these promotional marketing ideas will help you succeed.

  1. Trunk-to-Anywhere Total Show Package Promotional Marketing Tools That Get Your Brand Noticed

Lots of versatility and plenty of display space in a convenient, transportable package. Does it all and shows it all at trade shows, local events and many other display opportunities. And it all fits nicely in a wheeled case which becomes a podium when you get there.

  1. Event Tents

Event tents are functional, providing shade at outdoor events. Better still, they draw attention, letting visitors know “something’s happening there.” And your company name and message tells them just who is commanding that attention. Packed in soft carry cases with wheels for simple transport.

  1. Vinyl and Fabric Banners

Single or double-sided, they hang easily at indoor or outdoor events. Rope-and-grommet, pole-pocket and other finishes are available. The bright color presentation is terrific for a variety of eye-catching messages including daily specials, new products, event promotion and more.

  1. Table Throws

Take your logo and brand anywhere and present it beautifully. Machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, these throws are available in several sizes. They’re perfect for everything from cafeterias to conference rooms. In-store, they’re invaluable. To sum it up, it’s a promotional marketing tool with almost unlimited applications.

  1. Cooler Covers

Promotional Marketing Tools That Get Your Food or Beverage Brand NoticedWhat an attention-grabber at farmer’s markets and other outdoor events. When people look for refreshments, they see your brand. A wide variety of sizes are available, so they fit most popular cooler brands. Covers carry your brand image beautifully. They also carry a one-year product warranty to make that image last.

  1. Sail Signs

Keep passing traffic from passing by! Fluid, beautiful signs available from 6’ to 17’ feet tall to line your entryway or parking lot. Single or double-sided in several shapes and styles. Flexible yet durable poles withstand the elements and perform beautifully.

  1. Signage

Display your logo or your message boldly. Signs in every shape and size. Some styles adhere to floors and walls. Free-standing “Signicades” attract and direct traffic in and through public areas and exhibit centers. Every situation is an opportunity. And the right signage makes the most of it.

A Promotional Marketing Partner for Food and Beverage Companies

Like the food and beverage industry, promotional marketing covers a lot of territory. So it helps to have a partner who knows that territory.

With Superior Business Solutions by your side, promotional marketing is easy. Our customers know that with just a phone call, their needs will be met. Contact Superior today and ask for help to create the perfect promotional marketing package for your food or beverage brand.

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