Hopefully, for the last few weeks, you have been following this series on the promotional marketing programs. We’ve looked at ten different ways you can use custom promotional products to further the image and awareness of your company as you accomplish other important business objectives.

Promotional products add a memorable touch at events from trade shows to golf outings. They add company pride and reinforce relationships with employees and key clients when used as incentives, awards, recognition and gifts. And they clearly enhance marketing tools like brand campaigns and direct mail efforts.

As proof a 2016 study asked 2,000 people how they felt about a company from which they’d received promotional products. Most often, the respondents filled in the blank with words like “happy”, “great”, “grateful” and “good.” That provides pretty good insight as to the importance and value of promotional products.

Promotional Marketing Programs Perform Better with a Plan

We’ve talked about many different ideas in this series, and I hope you will implement one or more of them to help make your business more effective. But the point I’d like to make at the end of this series is this: an organized promotional products plan is, without question, the best way to maximize the benefits your company will gain from using them.

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  1. Impact

I’m sure you don’t believe in “shooting from the hip” in conducting your primary business, for a good reason. The same logic applies to promotional products. When you build promotional product programs into your basic business thinking, you can make better decisions about them.

With proper planning, you can better anticipate the best times and situations in which to use them. And you can make strong creative choices as to what products you choose, and to whom you will give them. This is the key to real impact and solid marketing results.

  1. Employee Efficiency

With an ongoing promotional products plan, you won’t squander hours of employee time at the start of each program. That’s because product choices have been predetermined. With decisions already made and sourcing identified, employees won’t need to interrupt their normal functions to take on tasks unfamiliar to them.

  1. Cost Efficiency

When you work according to a plan, you have plenty of notice each time a promotional product is needed. As a result, you get the best possible pricing. You can choose quality suppliers and give them sufficient lead time to avoid the errors that can result from rush deadlines. Business truism: when you panic, you pay. With a plan in place, you won’t have to panic – just execute the plan.

  1. Corporate Kiosk

There’s no better way to help you execute a promotional product management plan than with a custom online company store like Corporate Kiosk™.  It’s Superior Business Solutions’ advanced e-procurement technology solutions and fulfillment that allows you to make all critical decisions about promotional items in advance. Then, employees you designate can use an online portal to make choices within your established parameters.

Where appropriate, fulfillment can be automated according to preset conditions. Corporate Kiosk keeps everything in line and on plan. Costs are controlled, rogue decisions are eliminated, and the benefits are maximized.

Plan for Promotional Product Success

Certainly, I hope you’ve enjoyed our series on promotional product programs, and will consider adding several of them to your marketing arsenal. I look forward to hearing about the success your company will enjoy as a result.

We are here to help you make that happen. Tap our nearly 100 years’ experience in helping businesses work more efficiently. You won’t find a partner with more expertise and more resources in using promotional products effectively.

That’s due, in part, to our ISO certification which is earned only when a business is built around practices that help ensure customer success. You’ll find evidence of that success in the two (now 5) consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards we’ve won thanks to positive reviews from our customers.

Contact Superior with the link atop this page to get a promotional product audit so you can have a clear understanding of how your business is doing. We will use that information to work with you to develop a promotional products plan going forward that will carry your business forward with it.

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