Your Virtual Event is Hit-or-Miss If You Are Missing These

As this pandemic rolls on, most of us have expanded our comfort zones. Those virtual meetings and conferences that seemed so confusing early on have now become commonplace.

Maybe you’re even good at it. But you still haven’t made those events “just as good” as the real thing if you haven’t included promotional items. This is important, because promotional items make your trade shows and virtual events more memorable and more effective at strengthening relationships.

And also consider that those virtual events are likely to remain a bigger part of our business lives long after COVID-19 is no longer an issue. According to online video platform Brightcove, 76% of event planners and marketing teams are expecting to make fully or partially virtual events a permanent part of their event marketing.

Don’t Just Make Your Virtual Event Happen, Make It Successful

Quite honestly, it’s not difficult to host a virtual event these days. There are many platforms that make it simple. And there’s a boatload of online tips on how to do it well.

But few of those tips mention promotional items. Why is that a big deal?

It’s big because promotional items are a huge part of your traditional in-person events. They make those events more popular, memorable, and effective. So how can you hope to achieve the same impact in a virtual event if you leave out one of the most important parts of a live one?

Promotional Items Aren’t “Extra” – They’re Essential

If you think promotional items are just an add-on, consider these stats from the 2020 Ad Impressions Study from the Advertising Specialty Institute.

  1. Promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising. (More valued by consumers than traditional ads in any medium, including digital.)
  2. When asked what type of advertising they liked most,  people in every age group from 18-54 chose promotional items #1, including those 18-24.
  3. More than half (57%) of consumers who own promotional products report that they have kept some for more than five years; 40% have kept some for more than 10 years.
  4. Nearly a quarter (23%) of consumers reported that they had PURCHASED a promotional product in the last year.
  5. A remarkable 85% of promotional product recipients remember the advertiser that gave it to them.

A Professional Partner for Promotional Items

Far from an afterthought, promotional items could be the difference between a successful virtual event and one that is just another meeting. Naturally, it requires thought and experience to make sure you choose items that are appropriate for your business and your audience. That can be a challenge.

Many companies don’t think about promotional items carefully, since they don’t recognize their value as a marketing tool. Superior can help you choose the perfect item. Plus,—if it’s not already in your online company store—we can help you source that item and ship it for you.

It’s also smart marketing to think in terms of multiple items. A promotional kit can multiply the impact of promotional products in both live and virtual events. We’ll be happy to share our experience with promotional kitting and fulfillment and help you put together a unique and compelling combination.

Make Virtual Meetings Virtually Perfect with Superior

Superior can help you improve the results of your virtual meetings. But we’ve been adding efficiency to businesses in many ways since our founding in 1924. We’ve developed more excellent partnerships with quality suppliers than we could name in one post.

Our success is built upon excellent customer service, which our ISO certification requires in many different ways.

Need more proof of that customer service thing? We could point to our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, which are based totally on the reviews we earned from our customers.

Don’t hold another virtual event (or even a staff meeting) before you contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant, just go to the link atop this page.

We can help you choose the perfect promotional items to make that virtual event or meeting an actual success.

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