The Perfect Golf and Summer Promotional Item

If you’re a golfer, you get it. You need to “mark” your ball so it doesn’t block another player putting from further away. And you’re constantly “fishing” for one in the pocket of your golf bag (stabbing yourself with tees in the process). But mark my words, that puts your company in the perfect position to boost your awareness and brand image by providing a branded ball marker for just that purpose.

Today I want to tell you about a beautiful full-color domed Custom Metal Golf Ball Marker that is an incredibly effective and cost-efficient promotional item for you to use all summer long.

These markers really do the trick for golf outings and events, obviously. But they also make a great impression with any clients, prospects, and other business connections you encounter during golf season.

And you can get them right now at incredible savings.

Your Brand – Front and Center for Fun

Golfers will use these ball markers for months and years to come and will see your brand identity each time. (They’re playing partners will see it, too.) Made in North America, the full-color domed imprint resists wear and keeps your image looking good.

The ball markers come in ¾” and 1” diameter sizes. And with a low 100-unit minimum, the ¾” marker is also available with attachment and packaging options that add even more value, both for the recipient and for your business. magnetic-golf-ball-marker-custom-packaging-sample (1)

  1. Executive Style Packaging

Allows you to slip your business card into the packet containing the marker and attachment (if applicable).

  1. A Button Cover

Allows you to affix the ball marker to a button on your shirt for handy access.

  1. A Hat Clip/Zipper Pull

Another great way to keep the marker conveniently available when needed.

  1. Green Repair Tool

The marker snaps into plastic tool that helps repair minor damage spots caused by the ball striking the green

So Easy…So Inexpensive

This exceptional promotional item gets even better once you know how buyer-friendly the process can be. Look at these buyer benefits:

  • Free online virtual preparation
  • Free random and custom spec samples
  • NO set-up costs
  • NO die costs, even for custom shapes
  • Low 100-unit minimums
  • Fast 5-7-day production turnaround
  • Additional 20% off all column pricing right now!

Speaking of Golf Outings…

If you are considering sponsoring or participating in a golf outing or tournament, make sure you tap into an excellent resource. We’ve updated our golf outing planning guide with a checklist for corporate events and made it more useful than ever.

This helpful guide covers the many different issues involved in hosting an outing.

For starters, it will help you plan and run it successfully without missing any steps.

But it also is full of ideas that will help you maximize the opportunities it contains to cover costs and earn additional funding through sponsorships and other profitable tie-in opportunities.

The Markers of a Great Partner

We are a leader in providing promotional items that accomplish your objectives. When you’ve been helping businesses make good decisions for nearly a century, you learn what works best in different situations.


Read what our customer Rosie H., said about her experience with Superior.  “They are reliable and provide lots of great options and ideas for promotional products.”

Our ISO certification helps us deliver for every customer. And customers return the favor by giving us positive reviews that have earned us Best of Print and Digital honors for five straight years.

Reach out to Superior or your Superior sales rep today; you’ll find contact information at the top of this page. Ask about the summer’s best promotional item: custom metal ball markers.

Sure, it will remind golfers where their golf ball belongs on the green. But more importantly, it will remind those clients and prospects of who gave them this cool and handy gift: YOU!

You can’t be there personally every time they play golf. But your branding can. And that’s a stroke of genius.

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