Liquid Sanitizer Helps Keep Employees and Customers Safe

This post is a little unusual, because today this blog is the right place, at the right time, with the right product. The bottom line: it’s a gallon of hand sanitizer. It’s the right kind of sanitizer. (More on that later.) And it can play an important role in keeping your essential business on track or helping your sidelined business return to operation quickly and safely.

You’ve probably noticed that we have dedicated significant effort in recent weeks to help clients old and new get through this coronavirus. We continue to offer PPE for coronavirus to meet the needs of essential businesses as they seek to serve customers safely and make those businesses visible so potential customers know they are available.

The Sanitizer Businesses Need on Hand

There is no question that businesses, facilities, and other organizations need sanitizer. And countless others are going to be looking for tremendous amounts of it when that business switch turns on again. We’re proud to be a primary source you can depend on, instead of experiencing supply chain interruptions elsewhere.

The reason for the increased demand is obvious. “Washing your hands” is probably the most frequently mentioned way to battle the coronavirus. Restaurants that are opening back up have bottles of hand sanitizer on every table. Hairstylists need it at every station and many facilities are spraying sanitizer for cleanliness.

Check out the guidelines provided by OSHA for preparing workplaces to deal with COVID-19:

“Promote frequent and thorough hand washing, including by providing workers, customers, and worksite visitors with a place to wash their hands. If soap and running water are not immediately available, provide alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol.”

This Liquid Sanitizer Will Meet the Guidelines…and YOUR Needs

This gallon of sanitizer is ideal for a variety of businesses and industries, as well as personal use. It is liquid, not gel (buy gallons of gel sanitizer with pump for coronavirus) – so it can be sprayed. Some additional key facts:

  • Sanitizer is 80% alcohol, with peroxide, glycerin, and water
  • Fragrance- free
  • Watery consistency, so it can be used to sanitize surfaces
  • Dries quickly
  • Excellent hand sanitizer
  • Gallon jugs may be used to refill smaller dispensing units
  • Approved by the WHO (World Health Organization)

The Right Product from the Right Partner

For nearly 100 years, Superior has been all about helping businesses run more efficiently. Sure, that often centers around print management and promotional products so our information does not constitute medical advice.

But our technologies and experience (along with our ISO certification) equip us to help your business like few other partners. That’s why we’ve won Best of Print and Digital distinction four years in a row.

But remember one thing. While the situation we are all dealing with may feel very different, for us it’s still “business as usual.”  That’s because our usual is helping businesses, whatever it takes.
Of course, we’d love to help you in many ways. But right now, getting you the sanitizer you need, shipped within 24 hours, might be the most important help we can provide.

Ask about up-to-the-minute pricing on 275 or 330 gallon industrial totes with metal cage and tanker-truck sized shipments. 

Mention Current Pricing as of 9-24-2020:

* $19.99/gallon

Order your essential PPE like sanitizer or reach out to your Superior sales rep NOW!

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