Spray Sanitizer from Bottles to Tanker Truck Shipments!

This pandemic has put us all through the ringer. Essential businesses operating under safety guidelines. Others shut down, now reopening with restrictions. Students returning to school with many different “protocols.”

The one constant?  Sanitizer!

We should know! We are a proud distributor of liquid sanitizer. And right now we have great prices on tanker truckloads down to 4-oz. bottles of hand sanitizer spray to keep employees, students, and even prospects healthy.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that every company or organization (including non-profits) with any kind of physical office or facility needs liquid sanitizer. It’s true across the country (and even internationally).

Hands need to be sanitized frequently, and surfaces need to be kept clean for every one of your important stakeholders, including:

  • employees
  • customers
  • prospects
  • vendors
  • contractors
  • volunteers
  • delivery people
  • visitors and guests
  • facility residents

Chances are pretty good that some of those apply to you. Plus, of course, having plenty of sanitizer in your home is obviously no less important.

Sanitizer That’s 80% Alcohol, and 100% In-demand

The sanitizer we offer is top-quality and extremely effective. It is liquid sanitizer so it can be sprayed, and dries quickly. It’s not only safe for hands, but works well on surfaces.

Our liquid sanitizer is approved by the WHO (World Health Organization). It contains 80% alcohol, well above the threshold recommended by the CDC for protection against the virus.

Sanitizer in Many Forms and Sizes

You can purchase our sanitizer in many different forms to meet your needs. Our mission is to provide you what you need however you need it. And not just with great pricing, but with great service.

  1. 4-oz. Spray Bottles of Liquid Sanitizer

Perfect for handing out to clients, customers, and employees for personal use. A nice way to say “we care.” Or locate them throughout your facilities to remind associates and customers of the importance of using it. Contact us for pricing.

  1. 1-gallon Bottles

Great for multiple uses on many surfaces around the plant or store. Also handy for refilling smaller containers.


  1. 275- or 330-gallon Totes with Metal Cage

For higher-volume needs, this size is perfect for mounting on small utility vehicles and trailers for distribution throughout farms, warehouses, and other similar situations. Contact us for pricing.

  1. Tanker Truck Loads

Some heavy industrial or commercial applications require even larger quantities or have the storage capabilities to ensure a reliable supply. They can get the same effective sanitizer delivered via a tanker truck. Contact us for pricing.

Get Our Support in Many Forms, Too

Our ability to supply sanitizer and other PPE throughout this COVID-19 pandemic has earned us mentions in the news. (Our governor has praised us more than once.) But that’s nothing new; we’ve been helping businesses with whatever they need to work more efficiently for nearly 100 years.

We have ISO certification, which few other potential partners can claim. And our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards is an indication that our efforts make a difference for our customers. (Probably because we provide individual attention to customers. You get both an outside sales rep and an inside Customer Service person looking out for your interests.)

Hurry and take advantage of our can’t-miss pricing on must-have sanitizer.

Order the industrial spray sanitizer your organization needs today. Contact Superior or get in touch with your Superior sales rep.

Whether you order it in little bottles or big trucks, our customer-pleasing performance is always part of the package.

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