Liquid Sanitizer for COVID-19 at Rock Bottom Pricing…Alcohol Antiseptic 80%

Is your business gearing back up? Or perhaps your “essential” business is finding its rhythm as customers are returning to old patterns with new restrictions in many places. Either way, you can look to Superior as your most dependable and customer-focused option for acquiring the PPE your business needs to fight COVID-19.

Sanitizer is one of the most important products in the PPE lineup, of course. For most businesses, you need (or will need) significant quantities of sanitizer and a regular means of supply for replenishment. If that’s you, I have great news: we not only have almost every form and size of sanitizer you might want or need, but we have it at outstanding pricing.

High Protection, Low Cost

Our W.H.O. approved liquid sanitizer is a very versatile weapon in the battle against COVID-19. It is ideal for surfaces, since it can be sprayed and dries quickly. You can use gallon jugs to refill smaller dispensing units. And we offer a product that is 80% alcohol, well above the minimum recommended percentage for effective performance against the virus.

NOTE: Pricing on our sanitizer is changing daily, so contact us or your Superior sales rep for up-to-the-minute information. But here is our current pricing structure on liquid sanitizer (packed four gallons to a case):

* $19.99/gallon

Another important note: we can also deliver industrial-sized quantities. Ask about up-to-the-minute pricing on

  • 275- or 330 -gallon industrial totes with metal cage
  • tanker-truck sized shipments

Gel Sanitizer and Sanitizer Stations Also Available

We also have gel-type hand sanitizer available for other applications and situations. Choose from several sizes, from personal travel-sized bottles to gallon jugs (with and without pump) and larger containers.

Even better, we offer several ways to effectively present and encourage sanitizer use among employees and customers. Ask about our options in hand sanitizer stations for COVID-19. We offer several types and sizes; these choices make it easy to place them at your entrance and at strategic locations throughout your business.

Service That’s Hard to Beat, Too

Superior has been helping businesses through every kind of situation for nearly 100 years, doing whatever it takes to make them operate more efficiently. Today, “what it takes” includes sanitizer and PPE; we’ve pivoted to help businesses across the country by providing it. We’ve been mentioned in the news and praised by our governor multiple times for doing that.

But what will you need tomorrow? We’ll have that, too. That’s our only mission.

Our ISO certification is part of the reason. That’s because it mandates that we use the best, most consistent processes on behalf of our customers.  We have earned Best of Print and Digital awards four consecutive years, based on nothing but the positive feedback from our customers.

So contact your Superior sales rep or order the liquid sanitizer your organization needs to get back to work, efficiently, and profitably.

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