How To Choose The Best Promotional Kitting and Fulfillment Partner

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 6, 2019

How To Choose The Best Promotional Kitting and Fulfillment PartnerMake Sure You Choose One That DOES

As most of you know, promotional kitting is all about sourcing a group of items, assembling them and distributing them efficiently. We have written about the subject quite often. That’s because it is a critical component in many promotional mailings, website response mechanisms, trade show lead nurturing and many other activities your business may require. It’s not just dealing with one thing, but many.

Thus, it’s quite appropriate that choosing the right partner for your promotional kitting needs isn’t about only one thing, either. It’s about a combination of skill sets and capabilities that can work together to help ensure the best results in your particular situation.

The Right Promotional Kitting Partner Checks All the Right Boxes

To make sure your mailing or other distributed package is put together properly, you need to ensure that your kitting and fulfillment partner is “put together” just as efficiently.  In order to meet your needs with maximum efficiency, that partner needs to have three important things in its “tool kit”.

  1. Access to a Large Network

Obviously, when you have more options, you have a better chance of getting an exceptional price. But a large network of trusted suppliers offers even more. The assurance of quality in the final products you source, and the on-schedule delivery of those items is equally important.

Your ideal promotional kitting partner needs to have a deep pool of dependable print and promotional product suppliers. That’s the only way to get the best deal, and the best overall results from your promotional kitting and fulfillment project.

Superior, for example, has a network of nearly 2,000 print and promotional product suppliers. We can use those deep resources to choose the best option to provide the pieces for your kitting project when you need them at the most favorable pricing.

  1. The Help You Need with Promotional Kitting and More

The low prices cited on some unfamiliar website can be alluring. But they can turn out to be “come-on” prices or require outrageous minimum quantities. And there’s an even bigger issue to consider.

An experienced kitting and fulfillment partner can provide customer service that can make all the difference in the success of your effort.  They can offer:

  • Advice on the contents of your kit, suggesting impactful items based on experience
  • Creative ideas to enhance the value of your kit to your target audience
  • Assistance before, during and after your project to ensure that it runs smoothly
  • Solid support, should there be any slip-ups

At Superior, we have inside and outside sales reps who are committed to making sure your project runs flawlessly. With our multiple locations, we can usually come to you to provide face-to-face customer service and support. And these customer service reps are the same people you can count on to stick closely with your project and quickly resolve any issues that may arise

  1. Systems and Processes That Make Working with Them Easy

All potential kitting and fulfillment partners will make claims and promises. The best ones have the systems and processes in place to make sure they can deliver. Proven, repeatable protocols and technologies can be trusted provide the results desired in a wide variety of situations and regardless of variables that make each case different.

At Superior, we have advanced technologies like Corporate Kiosk™ that can make the acquisition of the print and promotional product components of a kit as efficient as possible. It provides an online portal that standardizes sourcing procedures and prevents pricing inconsistency. And our processes are so focused on meeting customer needs, they have earned ISO certification—something few potential kitting and fulfillment partners can claim

Assembling the Right Expertise and Capabilities

That ISO certification can only come with experience. And we have a great deal since we’ve been helping businesses like yours work more efficiently for nearly 100 years.

Through promotional kitting and our many other business-building services, we have a long track record of satisfying customers. That’s why their feedback has earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

If you need assistance with a kitting and fulfillment project (or simply acquiring printed pieces or promotional items for one), contact Superior today. It’s a good idea even if you don’t have a pending kitting project. There are literally dozens of other ways we can help your business be more efficient. And that’s what really counts.


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