Your employees—you would hope—always have a positive attitude for their work. How they feel about working at your company impacts how they treat interact with other employees and your customers. For this reason, and plenty of others, you want your employees to be fully engaged. You want them to have as many positive feelings about their jobs as possible along with an upbeat attitude about their workplace.

But How Do You Engage Your Employees?

I recently came across an article titled, “The Link Between Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty” that provides some interesting insights into the issue. It can help you institute some practices you may haven’t thought about much and also enhances the steps you are currently taking.

The article mentions several different areas you should be looking at and it reminds us that salary and other financial benefits are the main driver, but little extras go a long way. Caring about one’s bank account is understandable, but that doesn’t translate directly to them caring about the company they serve in order to fill it.

Company Commitment Leads to Customer Commitment

You can build stronger bonds with your employees in a number of ways. Involving them in important decisions, showing concern for their future, and sharing your business vision with them are all vital. In a nutshell, you have to move from “you work for us” to “you are us.” And in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, promotional products can help make that happen.

Promotional Items Give Your Employees that “Little Extra”

Quality, attractive promotional items with the company logo, branding, and perhaps a sense of team motto or tagline are excellent ways to help cement and strengthen that relationship. When you provide office and personal items with the company name more often, in more situations, they take more ownership in the organization and its fortunes. One way is to have an online company store for employees that they can shop at with ‘company dollars.’ Reward employees and team members for:

  • Performance incentives
  • Employee recognition
  • Upcoming company social events
  • Or simply, periodic “thank you” gestures from management

Employees who feel part of the company care more about the image that the company conveys to customers. They realize how important their own individual actions are to earning loyalty from those customers.

Engage Us to Help You Engage Them

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