How to Engage Employees for Customer Loyalty    

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on October 11, 2018

How to Engage Employees for Customer Loyalty    Promotional Items Do What Paychecks Alone Can’t

Naturally, you care a great deal about what your customers think about your company. But it’s important to remember something. When those customers think of your company, they don’t picture a building or a logo. More likely, they remember dealing with Larry at the service desk or talking to Rachel who answers the customer service line. And here’s another less-than-obvious fact; promotional items can do plenty to make those interactions more positive.

Your employees are, of course, only human. And despite their best intentions, how they feel about working at your company impacts how they treat your customers and prospects. For this reason, and plenty of others, you want your employees to be fully engaged. You want them to have only positive feelings about their jobs and an upbeat attitude about their workplace.

How Do You Engage Your Employees?

You can read that last header two ways, as in “how do you currently” engage them, or “what are the best ways” to do it. Well, I recently came across an article that provides some interesting insights into the issue. Thus, it may help you institute some practices if you haven’t thought about it much or enhance the steps you are currently taking.

The article mentions several different areas you should be looking at (and cites solid sources for each one). And more than once, it reminds us that salary (and other financial benefits) just aren’t enough. (I touched on that in a recent post.) Caring about your bank account is understandable, but that doesn’t translate directly to caring about the company you serve in order to fill it.

Company Commitment Leads to Customer Commitment

You can build stronger bonds with your employees in a number of ways. Involving them in important decisions, showing concern for their future, and sharing your business vision with them are all vital. In a nutshell, you have to move from “you work for us” to ‘you are us.” And in subtle and not-so-subtle ways,  promotional items can help make that happen.

Quality, attractive items that carry your company name and logo (and perhaps a long-established motto or tagline) are excellent ways to help cement and strengthen that relationship. When they see (and wear) the company name more often, in more situations, they take more ownership in the organization and its fortunes. Use those items for:

  • Performance incentives
  • Employee recognition
  • Company meetings and social events
  • Periodic “thank you” gestures from management
  • Be creative – thinking of new and interest ways is even better

Employees who are made to feel part of the company care more about the image that the company conveys to customers and prospects. And they realize how important their own individual actions are to earning loyalty from those customers.

Engage Us to Help You Engage Them

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