International Forum on Automotive Manufacturing Works to Fill Supply Chain Needs

It’s been a very productive and interesting month. Today I’d like to share one especially relevant reason.

Recently, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation invited us to attend a worldwide automotive manufacturing event in Queretaro, Mexico. This “matchmaking” event is called the International Forum of Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry, or “Automotive Meetings” for short.

These meetings help create and strengthen relationships between worldwide automotive product and service providers and their potential customers. Those prospects include auto manufacturers along with their many OEM and Tier 1 suppliers.

We were obviously happy to accept the invitation.

I headed down to Mexico for the event (which was held Feb. 20-22) with two of our sales reps, John Cummings and Bob Bunney. And let me tell you, the trip was well worth it.

We met so many incredible people who are the backbone of our worldwide automotive manufacturing industry from: Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Venezuela. It was an incredible meeting of automotive powerhouses.

We also learned some things worth sharing with those of you in—or with clients in—the automotive manufacturing industry.

Automotive Manufacturing at All-Time High

Vehicle production worldwide and in Mexico is at an all-time high. As a result, the world’s auto manufacturers are eager to participate in this booming marketplace. But, as most companies serving the auto industry here in Michigan (where we are headquartered) have already learned, you need plenty of support to survive in this globally competitive arena.

In Mexico and other regions, there’s a shortage of suppliers prepared to offer the level of support currently needed. For one thing, few have the right knowledge and expertise. Many also lack the technology and equipment to get up to speed quickly enough.

In summary, the market lacks the products and services to meet the demand. So to some degree, growth of the Mexican auto industry is handcuffed.

Fortunately, we know where to find the keys.

Supply Chain Management a Recurring Theme

Buyers and representatives from all major automakers and their top parts and component suppliers were on the scene in Mexico for this worldwide automotive meeting. Many topics were covered, including areas like engineering and other technical issues.

Most noteworthy—it seemed to me that most of the discussion centered around matters like purchasing efficiencies, material handling processes and the like. This is where we fit in with our focus on helping automotive manufacturers with their print supply chain management in the US, Mexico and South America.

Print Supply Chain Management Solutions That Save Time & Money

In the worldwide automotive industry, supply chain management is extremely demanding.

First, the need for record-keeping, both printed and electronic, is intense. Second, logistics require that parts and processes are tracked accurately and in virtually real time. In that pressured environment, print supply chain management solutions aren’t simply smart add-ons. Rather, they are essential in ensuring the efficiency required to achieve profitability in the industry.

Print supply chain management from Superior Business Solutions is designed to save you significant time and money; consequently, it makes life easier for everyone involved. In determining its potential value to your business, we first start with an audit and careful analysis of your print products, inventory and procurement practices. Secondly, we identify ways to streamline that process to better manage and optimize inventory and spend. Finally, we determine how our technologies can work seamlessly with your current systems.

Corporate Kiosk™ technology, for example, allows you to automate the process of ordering and replenishing commodity forms (like invoices, packings slips and other documentation). It allows you to empower certain people at any of your locations (as few or as many as you wish) to select from options you have already authorized. You retain total control and save money but you also save your employees’ valuable time and stress.

Visual Management Tools for 5S Methodology and LEAN implementation create efficiencies that save time and money. We offer printed labels, signage, floor graphics, and dozens of other workplace display items that make the implementation of 5S methodology and LEAN processes simpler and more effective. These space identifiers and traffic indicators help ensure that any waste of time, money and materials is kept to a minimum by reducing or eliminating excess inventory, unnecessary transport of materials and unnecessary movement of people.

Print Supply Chain Management for Labels and Promotion Items

Important at all levels of worldwide automotive industry marketing, our process solutions work with promotional items as well. We provide worldwide solutions that work to create efficiencies from accounting to management throughout multiple, worldwide locations.

Also, especially important to the automotive industry are labels.

We have valuable expertise in the many labels required throughout the print supply chain. We offer commodity and specialized labels used in manufacturing, assembly, shipping and final product application.

Our custom labels meet all automotive industry standards and are available in the full range of material and application options. Among them are:

  • Component Labeling
  • Asset Tracking
  • Work-in-Process
  • Automated Routing
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping and Compliance
  • Vehicle Labeling
    • Interiors
    • Under-hood
    • Vehicle Safety

Learn What Print Supply Chain Management Could Do For You

For almost a century we have provided, award-winning, print supply chain management solutions that save time and money and make work-life easier.

Want to see how your company benefits from working with our ISO Certified print supply chain management organization? Contact us today and ask for a free automotive manufacturing, print supply chain management review.

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