Visual Management Tools for 5S Methodology and LEAN Implementation

5S Methodology and LEAN Process Improvement Through Beauty, Clarity and Durability

We have partnered with Orgatex, the leader in innovative and effective LEAN visual management tools and material flow solutions for manufacturing and service organizations applying Lean principles and processes. Orgatex and Superior Business Solutions can make your work day easier and more efficient by providing durable and innovative visual management tools for implementation of 5S methodology and optimization of LEAN processes.

LEAN process systems call for absolute understanding of the way things are done, from the sequencing of steps in a manufacturing, picking, or other process to the most efficient way to access needed materials (and only the needed materials) exactly when and as needed without any confusion or lost time.

It is less about obsessive attention to detail and more about the careful planning, engineering and implementation of 5S methodology and LEAN processes to make them so intuitive, obvious and repeatable that any interruption to that systematic efficiency becomes extremely rare and unlikely.

Achieving the above goals places incredible importance on the instructions, symbols, labels, signage and other markings that exist throughout the facility. Accurate communication and unfailing visibility are the most critical aspects for these items, and they must do their jobs for 5S methodology and LEAN implementation flawlessly within each individual environment.

Our partnership with Orgatex enables us to join with a company that has led the way in visual management solutions for more than 40 years.  We can offer printed labels, signage, floor graphics, and dozens of other workplace display items that make the implementation of 5S methodology and LEAN processes simpler and more effective. These space identifiers and traffic indicators help ensure that any waste of time, money and materials is kept to a minimum by reducing or eliminating excess inventory, unnecessary transport of materials and unnecessary movement of people.

Visual management tools can be selected and adapted to enhance your 5S practices and LEAN productivity in numerous way, but here are some well-documented benefits you can expect:
Visual Management Tools for 5S Methodology and LEAN Implementation

The Need For Lamination Is Eliminated

Orgatex hanging signs, floor signs and magnetic windows allow protection of standard printed documents without you having to worry about laminating anything. Savings in cost and time are significant, and the ability to add, change, or redistribute signage, directional indicators and other information quickly can help a lean process or lean operation meet its objectives without time-consuming lamination.

Maintenance Demands Are Reduced

Quality materials and proprietary adhesive make our floor markings more durable and resistant to damage from fork lift and other traffic. Lines, angles, arrows and other zone and directional indications are bold for visibility and play their important roles almost indefinitely. If change or removal become necessary, there is little adhesive residue to deal with.

Material Flow and Line Leveling Are Enhanced

Our visual management solutions help reinforce the basic principles of Kanban and Heijunka systems by providing visual cues and reinforcement at appropriate points and intervals to allow for smoothing out workflow and pacing operations to stay at the optimum rate and load size as much of the time as possible. Visual indicators help workers know just what to do, when and how to do it to accomplish this “sweet spot” of production flow.

Desired Behaviors are Reinforced

 The use of our custom visual boards and other accessories standardize work instructions so all personnel are following the same directives. LEAN and 5S goals and objectives may be clearly displayed and communicated on a per-day, per-shift, or ongoing basis.

If you have a LEAN manufacturing or other operation or are trying to move in that direction, our visual management tools will help. And if you are following a 5S or similar productivity model, they can make the difference between meeting your objectives or not. I’d love to help you figure out exactly what type of visual management tools might give your company a boost. Give me a call and we will talk about how Orgatex and Superior Business Solutions can make your LEAN work day easier with material flow aides.

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