When Rebuilding Your Business, Bring Along This Tool Kit

No question – businesses are suffering during the COVID-19 outbreak. But we at Superior haven’t thrived for nearly 100 years by hiding from reality, but rather by helping business through it. We have fully pivoted to help provide directional signage for COVID-19 and Personal Protective Equipment or PPE that businesses need to safely get back to work. But we also have many other ways to help. So today, I thought the most productive thing we can do is offer some sales enablement tools to help your business bounce back.

I’ll leave the feel-good “better than ever” hype to the politicians; we just want to help make sure you survive and come out the other side with strength and resilience. We offer programs and resources that can play a key role in restoring delayed or damaged customer relationships, and rekindle prospect sales fires that have been temporarily dampened.

Six Sales Enablement Tools To Help Revitalize Your Business After COVID-19

Here are six sales enablement tools we have used frequently to help businesses work more efficiently. Each one can play a valuable role in the hard work ahead.

  1. Database Management

    That whole “knowledge is power” happens to be true. Your database is your knowledge base, and there’s nothing new about the importance of keeping it active and updated to know exactly where things stand with each client and prospect. We help many customers do that.

    After this period of uncertainty with COVID-19, it will be critical to ensure your contacts are active and correct; some people and companies might have changed, and the sooner your records reflect those changes, the more focused your sales effort. By the way, even if your sales are hampered or on hiatus right now, it is smart to USE that database to stay in contact with customers and prospects, even if it is to show concern for how they are doing. People remember those who don’t forget them.

  2. Marketing Analytics

    Data just sits there until you do something with it. It’s smart to track email click-throughs, web page activity, registrations, requests for information, and other key indicators. When your analytics link those to sales and marketing activities, you learn what works and what doesn’t.When business resumes full activity after COVID-19, it will be even more important to do so. Clearly no one has a real understanding of how quickly consumers will respond, and in what ways. Thus the earliest and most enduring success will come to businesses that most effectively measure and act upon that response.

  3. Lead Generation and Capture

    A marketing program is designed to generate leads. Its goal is to create interest, turn interest into action, and turn prospects into customers. Which is pretty much what business depends upon.

    Post COVID-19, that progression might be a bit sluggish. It will be more important than ever to find the prospects who are most ready to act. That traditional “funnel” still applies, but smart businesses will accelerate the process, and also reach people wherever they are in the customer journey. A partner like Superior will be a huge help in doing that.

  4. Lead Nurturing

    Like data, leads just sit there until you do something with them. And “something” is more than simply responding with an email. Sometimes it’s a conversation, for others it may be a brochure, flyer or other marketing vehicle. Proper management of social media contacts matter, too. But recognizing that each one may have a different situation and needs is mandatory for success.

    Imagine how much more that will apply as your business ramps back up sometime soon. Your leads may run the full gamut of prospects wary and hesitant to act to those who are eager to make up for lost time. Our technologies can help you identify which is which, and act accordingly.

  5. eProcurement

    This tool specializes in two other “E” benefits: efficiency and effectiveness. With eProcurement, sales reps and other employees can get materials when and where they need them, accessed through an online portal. And those materials can be customized “on the fly” to best address the needs or concerns of specific prospects. That “win-win” cliché describes this perfectly.

    As business powers back up after COVID-19, there are extra benefits. Not only can you alter materials to address that gamut of possible prospect emotions, but your people can get those materials with minimal personal contact. I won’t use that cliché again, but again, it applies here.

  6. Digital Sales Document Printing

    “Generic” isn’t a very complimentary term. Any marketing piece (or even sales proposal, for that matter) that has to serve a wide range of purposes usually doesn’t serve any purpose particularly well. Our GoToPrint technologies eliminate the need for those lazy and ineffective “one size fits all” approaches. Materials tailored to individual prospects can be created and shipped overnight. One thing we’ve learned in our substantial experience is that custom = conversions.

    You’ve heard frequently about how we are in “uncharted waters.” That’s certainly true, and it will still be true as businesses like yours (and ours) seek to regain momentum when this is over. It will obviously be essential in that situation to remain flexible and agile. Look for a partner like Superior with tools like GoTo Print to help you navigate those “uncharted waters” smoothly.

Find Trust in Our Track Record—Call Superior

It’s hard to be comfortable in the midst of a pandemic. You want and need support, but aren’t sure where to find it. I’d suggest you consider the nearly-a-century of experience we offer. Factor in our ISO certification, which is only earned through consistent processes that have proven effective.

Finally, consider our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. They come exclusively from the reviews submitted by our customers. That’s a pretty solid antidote to worry. Contact Superior and ask for the backing you need to bring your company back. And beyond.

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