Ideas To Be More Productive at Work

Looking for Ways to Be More Productive at Work?

The annual “Lions’ Lament” is starting around these parts, so that means football season (and fall) is dead ahead. If your office enjoys a bit of a relaxed attitude during the summer months, it’s time to get back to an “all ahead full” mentality to help you finish the year strong.

Today, I’d like to help you do that by sharing a little “grab bag” of ideas to be more productive at work and save time in your workday.

Bend, Don’t Break

The term used to apply to a defense in football, but it’s also a pretty good call when it comes to your ‘to-do” list. What that means is simply this: don’t let your list become an anvil; remember it’s a guide, not a “gospel” and a little flexibility is fine. Arrange your list with the most important things on top, then address those first during the day.

If at the end of the day, you haven’t completed the whole list, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just use leftover tasks for tomorrow’s list – or better yet, rethink things and see if there isn’t someone else to whom you can delegate some of those end-of-the-list responsibilities.

Count On Corporate Kiosk to Be More Productive at Work

Speaking of delegating – our Corporate Kiosk ™ technology can take over more tasks and take the stress off of employees more than you ever imagined. It’s been such a valuable business asset to so many of our customers, I plan to do a more in-depth post about it soon. For today though, just think of the efficiency it can bring almost immediately.

It helps ensure a consistent, high-quality look for your printed materials and promotional products, whenever and wherever they are needed, across all your different company branches or locations. It also helps you and your financial people monitor spending and reduce cost variability across the organization.

Employees get to spend their time doing what they do best instead of repetitious ordering chores. You and your accounting department can generate accurate, nearly instantaneous reports of all types. And overall, the simple efficiency Corporate Kiosk brings to the procurement process is stunning. If you’re serious about taking your business up a notch this fall, just think what it would mean to have more time to concentrate on that business.

This Idea to Be More Productive at Work Is A Sleeper

One excellent way to save time and be more productive at work doesn’t happen at work at all (I hope). It’s sleep – and making sure you are getting enough of it. We’ve all heard plenty of stories about how important sleep is, but the truth is, most of us nod and think “that would be nice” and go right on selling ourselves short in that department.

I’ve seen several interesting stories about the subject lately. First, a couple of gloomy factoids; did you know that you would actually die of sleep deprivation before you would starve to death?  That shows where the body’s priorities are.  The list of diseases that you are more likely to get if you don’t get enough sleep is equally sobering: hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity and cancer. Yikes.

On the positive side, getting sufficient sleep re-energizes your cells, improves your memory and learning, and clears waste from the brain. That’s right – waste. When you sleep, fluid in your brain cycles out with its waste, replaced by clean fluid from elsewhere in your body. Those “waste” chemicals are associated with conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Sleep helps get them out of there. With “clean” fluids in your brain, you will think more clearly and work more efficiently all day long. Productive days begin the night before, with a good night’s sleep.

Put Plans Into Action

Thinking about it isn’t as good as doing something about it. Make that to-do list right now, and remember the different way you’re going to look at it tomorrow. And make sure that list has “Corporate Kiosk” on it – at least check it out and see how much difference it can make for you. I can help you figure that out, if you want to give me a call. Our sales reps also do a great job of analyzing your operation and identifying real ways Corporate Kiosk will help.

Of course, if you’re reading this in the evening, this can all wait for tomorrow.  Go to bed. Remember, in this case, you snooze, you win!

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