They’re More Effective Than Ever

Is smart marketing dead? Is effective sales strategy dead? No, of course not. So I wish people would stop asking the question “Are QR codes dead?” because that question is just as silly.

In fact, here’s a much better question:

Why Aren’t YOU Using QR codes?

There are several reasons some companies aren’t taking advantage of QR (Quick Response) code technology. In some cases, it’s not clear to them how QR codes can be used in their particular business or industry. That one is actually easy to address, and today’s post may help those folks.

Others have been too quick to listen to the “trendy tech folks” who have declared QR codes obsolete or ineffective, often attempting to steer the discussion to some newer, unproven tactic instead. They either have a vested interest in trying to appear “ahead of the curve” or they themselves don’t grasp the versatility, ease, and cost-effectiveness of the QR code to marketers today.

Examples, Please?

Coming right up. It doesn’t take much looking around to discover plenty of creative and very effective ways to use QR codes to attract awareness and turn prospects into customers.  I came across an excellent resource that describes several of them. Here are a few of my favorites from that list, plus a few others I’ve come across throughout the years.

  1. Make Traditional Print Interactive

This is maybe the most obvious benefit of QR codes. Print ads, sell sheets and product literature have limited space and can present one focused message. Add a QR code, and you also deliver an instant “portal” that smoothly connects an interested prospect with your website, landing age, or a video that provides more information, just when it’s needed.

Think “transporter room” from the old Star Trek series. Only with a QR code, they start in your ad and wind up on your website, learning more and more about you and your product offerings. That gives you the best of both worlds: a bold, beautiful print presence that captures their attention, and a “digital” extension that fills in more of the details as they move toward a purchase.

  1. Pass on Information

A QR code on your business card makes it easy for recipients to enter your contact information into their electronic contact system. Great for trade shows: put one on your booth, your literature, and even your name tag! Makes it easy for potential prospects to put your data into their files.

This can be invaluable. Many visitors would like to know more or collect information for future reference but prefer not to “engage.” Many will prefer this lower-pressure way to get critical information they will keep and use to make a decision about working with your organization.

  1. Make Apps Easy to Download

You’ve seen the lingo often: “look for us in the app store or wherever you download your apps”. And that’s fine; but what if you could make it easier for customers and prospects to access your apps?

A QR code can be linked directly to an app download function. It’s especially useful for well-known apps or those released by large consumer companies for specific purposes that need little explanation.  Case in point: Chick-fil-A® boosted downloads of its app by 14% simply by putting QR codes on digital signage.

  1. Encourage Customers to Leave a Review

I find this one particularly interesting. Research shows that today, people rely a great deal upon reviews (both online and personal word-of-mouth) to make purchase decisions. Furthermore, the more reviews you have, the more attention (and traffic) you will garner from Google. So getting the positive word out about your company and products is more important than ever.

While a few loyalists will take the trouble to visit Yelp or another review site to share their feelings, most won’t. But a QR code on the packaging or included with instructional materials can make it irresistibly easy. A quick scan of the code takes the customer directly to the appropriate site to leave a quick review of their experience.

  1. Help People Find Your Business

You can easily create a QR code from Google Maps. Here is the tutorial on how to do it!

  1. Building Customer Loyalty

How about strengthening customer relationships and encouraging repeat business? Put a QR code on a receipt offering a discount on the next purchase, or another promotional offer.

This is an obvious choice for hotels and restaurants, but it can bring customers back to buy products in almost every category. They save the receipt. And they get a quick connection to another offer from you.

Don’t Be Left Out in the Code

There are many other ways to use QR codes creatively to spark your business. They can be used to provide a direct link to maps, directions, recipes, product assembly instructions, and dozens of other consumer-friendly uses.

Create your own QR code with our QR code generator.

They’ve been used frequently at museums and attractions to provide information and “guidance” for tours. At nightclubs to link to a taxi or ride-sharing service. On movie posters to link to a film trailer. Oh, and read on for one more especially good source of ideas.

How About a Quick Response to This Post?

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