The Hero of Direct Mail

In the last few posts, we’ve been talking about direct mailResearch presented by the United States Post Office contained some surprising findings about “advertising mail.” I’ve used it so far to talk about what you might be doing wrong, and on Thursday, what those results suggest about doing it right.

In today’s post, I’d like to highlight one particular “hero” in direct mail, and how you can use it to get great customer reaction and build profitable relationships with your most important prospects. If you aren’t tapping this opportunity, that might be what is limiting your direct mail results.

Catalogs Can Catapult Your Business

That’s right, catalogs. According to the Post Office case study, catalogs are the most-often-read type of advertising mail. Forty-six percent of households read catalogs. (They don’t just scan them, they actually read them; that’s a higher percentage than for any other kind of advertising mail.)

That’s not really surprising. Catalogs are usually interesting to look at. Even if at first you aren’t interested, it’s hard to avoid peeking at the cover and items inside. That’s why retailers like Ikea, L. L. Bean, Williams-Sonoma, and many others believe that catalogs present their merchandise in a rich, attractive environment, and draw customers directly to the store or the company website. But it isn’t just the BIG brands that can take advantage of the draw of direct mail catalogs.

Why Catalogs Work in Direct Mail

I came across another interesting article on Retail Dive that talks about the continued value of paper catalogs. The author contends catalogs are no longer just laundry lists of available items. Instead, they are valuable, visual marketing tools that break through the noise with high-end content that resembles the editorial and intriguing imagery in a quality magazine.

The article also stresses the advantages catalogs have over digital marketing. The catalog finds its way literally into the customer’s hands, where it can be touched and viewed easily without effort or eye strain. On paper, images can be more attractive and easier to read than they can ever be in a digital format.

So How Can Your Brand Create a Direct Mail Catalog?

Catalogs will fare much better with help from a partner like Superior. We can help you create a catalog that your customers and prospects will value and display proudly on their coffee tables.

We can implement the latest technologies like virtual reality to make your catalog “come alive.” QR codes can be added to provide more information or easy ordering while they are at their most relaxed, ready-to-buy mindset.

These ideas will make your direct mail work harder. And keep your company top of mind and generate ongoing business.

Get on the Same Page with Direct Mail Success

Superior Business Solutions has been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly 100 years. We’ll help you streamline your direct mail for improved results. With our experience and our advanced print management technologies, we can help you execute the right programs. It may not be catalogs, but it will be the right choice for your business.

Our systems meet demanding standards for customer-focused performance; that’s what our ISO certification is all about. Satisfied customers are the reason for our two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

Contact Superior today and we’ll get your direct mail efforts and all your print projects moving in the right direction.

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