It’s Simple, Obvious, and You’re Probably Not Doing It

You already know where Superior stands on direct mail. We love it, and the reason is that customers love it. At Superior, we provide an incredible spectrum of print services so my enthusiasm doesn’t surprise you.

But what I’m going to tell you today just might.

Our expertise in print management doesn’t make us biased; it makes us experts. We’ve seen what direct mail can do.

It breaks through the ever-growing flood of messages coming through digital channels.

Consumers Are “at Home” with Direct Mail

Research supports the value of direct mail as an advertising channel.

The fact is (and results show) that most consumers open addressed mail, and want direct mail from brands that interest them.

I believe that’s especially true today when people are working from home and staring at that same electronic screen well beyond the workday.

A colorful printed piece to hold in your hand and examine is like an extra break in the workday.

The creative options for direct mail can create an impact far beyond that of two-dimensional on-screen messaging.

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It’s All About Direct Mail - Infographic

The Secret Direct Mail Accelerator

But I promised to reveal a tactic that makes direct mail even better. So here it is; combine it with email!

An item I noticed recently confirms it. It makes reference to Jonathan Zhang, a professor at Colorado St. who conducted research using both channels.

He found that a combination of direct mail and email outperformed control groups using a single channel.

  • rate of inquiries increased 77%
  • sales increased by 28%

So it turns out that it’s not an “either/or” choice, pitting the cost and simplicity of newer digital media against the proven impact of printed pieces.

The best choice may be to include both!

One Source to Call Upon for Both

Superior has been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly 100 years. In that time, we have become experts not only at direct mail but also email marketing and video email technologies.

We have the expertise to incorporate print, web, mobile, social media, and other digital platforms to create 360 campaigns that engage your prospects at the right times and places.

And we can design and implement stand-alone projects or well-coordinated marketing programs that establish profitable long-term consumer relationships.

Our capabilities in these areas are built on advanced tools and technologies, including:

  1. Dynamic Marketing Engines

These create email content personalized as each email is created, using current or archived prospect information. Each specific customer’s interest or need can be addressed in the content, rather than generic one-size-fits-all approaches that seldom fit anyone.

  1. Responsive Communication Solutions

We offer email options that respond in real-time to prospect and customer inquiries and requests. Content that is focused on their issues and delivered in a timely fashion maximizes engagement.

Act Now – Our Success is No Secret

Direct mail and email are great partners. But they work even better when you have Superior as a print partner. Our ISO certification ensures the kind of customer service that provides helpful insights like this on a regular basis. And we’re proud that our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards attest to that customer service.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant for a winning direct mail and email combo. For results that will go “direct” to your bottom line.

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