Have you started a  b2b blog lately, but seem to be having trouble with what to write? One of the most challenging things a writer can face is coming up with content ideas that are actually click-worthy. You don’t want to see your products or services because that’s what your website is for. You want to develop content that educates your target audience and positions you as a thought leader. Below are 5 ideas that you can use to create click-worthy content for your blog.

b2b blogging

  1. Sharing a story can be very  inspiring, especially when it comes from a customer or thought leader in your industry. You’ll be surprised how many people enjoy reading interviews and commenting about their points of views.
  2. Share a video or photo.  Interview someone at your company and write a small excerpt about it along with the video. This humanizes your product or service and gives customers the chance to connect emotionally with your business.
  3. Write a “how to” post. This is a great way to showcase your skills and position you as an industry leader. When you share useful information and help solve problems, people are more likely to subscribe to your blog.
  4. Write about a contest that your company is currently running. People love winning things and free goodies. Offering deals and special offers are not only smart tactics for customer retention, but it enhances your business’ reputation and helps you gain exposure.
  5. There’s absolutely no reason you should be the only person contributing to your blog. Consider opening up your blog for guest posts and allowing other industry bloggers to contribute as well.

What other blogging ideas would you add to our list above? What types of things do you like to read the most?

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