Spend Less, Get More in Printing and Promotional Items

My grandfather started Superior Business Solutions in 1924. After almost 100 years in the print and promotional products business, we know a thing or two about staying ahead of the game. If you own or manage a business, you should always be on the lookout for ways to cut operating expenses.

And in today’s business world, you’d better realize that whatever works today will likely be improved upon tomorrow. If you’re standing still, you’re falling behind. Supply chain management is no longer a buzzword. It’s the way to maximize result, minimize costs, and see the benefits show up on the bottom line.

Today I am going to tell you about two ways we help clients cut their operating expenses. One is by improving their print supply chain management. The other centers on more efficient and effective handling of their promotional item needs. Each starts with a thorough analysis.

Simple Savings Through Print Management

First, we’ll perform a print supply chain audit. That allows us to use our expertise to determine how best to apply our print supply chain management expertise to save your enterprise money.

We have a network of over 2,000 vendors in print and promotional items. Our E(c3) centralized e-sourcing technology helps ensure you get the best prices, since we competitively bid the suppliers who have the right capabilities and availability to meet your specialty print projects.

For frequently used business forms and materials that require regular replenishment, our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement technology is a savings superstar. It allows a business to:

  1. standardize forms across their enterprise, guaranteeing consistency and preventing rogue ordering
  2. authorize from one to 100% of their employees to order them (and customize them, if desired)
  3. accomplish it all through a user-friendly internet portal.

Quality is protected, costs are controlled and efficiency is maximized. That saves real dollars directly. And saves even more by eliminating the wasted employee time and duplicated effort normally spent on these tasks. It was just this kind of planning that enabled us to help one of our clients, a billion-dollar a year insurance company, save 75% on their print alone.

Making Promotional Items More Profitable

We will also conduct a promotional product management review. We have access to over 750,000 promotional products. That’s obviously a big advantage. But we also have the years of expertise and broad experience to help you use them more effectively. That’s a strong combination that benefits your enterprise in several ways.

  1. Better ideas. We offer you the creativity honed by handling so many items in so many situations. We know what works, and what items are most popular in your state and with your target audience. And we’re just creative people! Our recommendations get results.
  2. An organized plan. The best promotional items are part of a broader promotional plan. We can help you organize and orchestrate your promotional product activities on a yearly or ongoing basis. This makes promotions more strategic, more cost effective, and more effective, period.
  3. A turnkey process. You approve the details, of course. But we follow through with the sourcing, ordering, fulfillment, warehousing if necessary, and every other detail.
  4. The Corporate Kiosk technology mentioned above works for promotional items, as well. You control the options, for a consistent corporate quality and message. You control the costs, for an improved bottom line.

Two Ways to Save With One Call

Superior Business Solutions is ranked in the top one-half of 1% in an industry of more than 22,000 competitors for customer satisfaction and loyalty. The 2017 Best of Print and Digital Award confirms the quantifiable difference when clients work with Superior. We can help you cut operating expenses and we promise to make it easy.
Contact me today or reach out to one of our award-winning sales reps for a promotional item and print supply chain management review.

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