The Story of How One Company Revolutionized Their Printing Process

A More Efficient Process for Managing Print with Corporate Kiosk Frankenmuth Insurance is a billion dollar-a-year organization that has been carrying property, casualty, and life insurance for their clients since 1868. So it’s no surprise that they place such a high importance on maintaining an efficient line of communication with their independent agency partners around the country. The only difficulty was in their previous method.

Their key elements of communication are the printed informational kits that they distribute regularly. Complex printed documents filled with everything from financial analytics to PowerPoint slides that had to be compiled manually.

As you can imagine, it caused some pretty chaotic scenarios. Putting these communication kits together sometimes required as many as eight people to jump off of their regular daily routines for a task that could take up to a full business day. It was obviously inefficient and expensive.

But then their Superior Business Solutions’ Sales Rep introduced them to Corporate Kiosk solution.

And everything changed.

Light Bulb Moment – A More Efficient Process for Managing Print with Corporate Kiosk

Once their graphic designer sends the information kit design to Superior, we take care of all of the printing, collation, organization, and the time-taking nuts and bolts, so that things just fall into place on your end. Corporate Kiosk is capable of massive streamlining and workflow automation that reduce administrative costs and realize instant ROI.

This isn’t about simply reducing the cost of print by cutting corners, using less paper, or employing better printers. We partner with almost 2,000 printers nationwide so we have the best. I am talking about technology that will change the way you do business through automation and full integration. The Corporate Kiosk platform will allow your business to connect it’s vast ecosystem of end-users of supply, purchase, procurement, and fulfillment services.

Plus, we integrate variable print on-demand technologies with web, email, social media, mobile, and other technologies, creating multiple touchpoints and real time one-to-one connectivity for higher lead generation and response rates with analytics to quantify and qualify results.

This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way you do business and save you massive amounts of time and money. Frankenmuth reported that they were saving about 75% of what they normally would have been expending for their printing tasks. Those are pretty amazing results.

When you watched the video above, could you relate to the challenges they were experiencing with their print management when creating their binders every year? If you can relate, and are interested in learning more, then contact us , reach out to your Superior Business Specialist HERE, or give us a call at 800.968.1416.

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