Is It Time for a Supply Chain Audit?

This Way to Painless Printed Materials and Promotional Products!

Operating a business today can bury you in a blizzard of diverse tasks. Some days it seems like each one requires you to STOP doing something else to deal with it – interrupting your focus and slowing your productivity. But there IS hope. Because the truth is, many of those tasks can really do themselves. Nope, not kidding here!

When your sales rep in Omaha needs another 100 marketing brochures…or the St. Louis office needs corporate logo wear for some new hires…or your own accounting staff is running low on blank invoice forms, those needs can all be met smoothly and efficiently without distracting you or your key employees from the truly important matters that drive your business.

The time and energy-wasting chores of procuring an endless variety of printed materials and promotional products can be streamlined into a virtually “set it and forget it” system. Superior Business Solutions’ supply chain management system allows you to automate the entire process. You can be involved as much, or as little, as you like in the design and planning stages to establish parameters and controls. After that, the production, printing and fulfillment functions are aligned and activated to happen quickly, accurately, and without your constant attention.

This holistic system can be deployed for a single department or division, shared across multiple business units or adopted for your entire enterprise. At any level. You establish the standardization you desire and allow the customization you feel is appropriate. You get the control you need to ensure consistency and brand integrity, and your people get the freedom they need to operate with maximum efficiency. And perhaps best of all, the consolidation of these functions into a centralized structure brings purchasing leverage to get maximum value out of the funds you allocate to these areas.

The First Step is Easy

How do you get to that happy state from wherever you are now? Simple. It begins with an audit and analysis of your current print and promotional products and of the practices you currently employ to handle inventory and procurement. Our experience, and listening to your concerns, allows us to spot opportunities to eliminate costly and time-consuming steps in the process, and identify optimum ways to improve management of inventory and maximize return on the dollars you spend.

No two businesses are alike, and our audit takes that into account with an in-depth look at your specific policies, processes and workflow. Armed with the information we collect, we’ll work in consultation with you to design a complete procurement, inventory management, ordering and fulfillment protocol that integrates smoothly into your business systems and procedures.

Corporate Kiosk: Efficiency is Automatic!

Much of the increased efficiencies we uncover may be achieved through using one of our tools called Corporate Kiosk. Through this customized web portal, orders may be placed for printed materials, promotional products and more. In the process, it provides a reliable information and communication mechanism that links your buyers, locations, plant or distribution centers and our customer service department. It also helps in tracking inventory and providing re-order prompts.

The look and feel of the site can be customized as desired for different buyers in different places at different levels of your organization. You determine in advance who is authorized to do what, and when.  The people empowered to use the system find an interface that presents options clearly and delivers an assuring, user-friendly experience.

That sales rep in Omaha can get exactly the brochures he needs – customized specifically for his use, to present the strongest selling content to his prospects. The St. Louis office can choose from many approved apparel designs, but the colors, logos, and quality options available will all reinforce and enhance the brand image you wish to present across the board.

Oh, and those blank invoices for your accounting department? They’ll be the right ones every time, delivered when needed.

Sorry to sound like such a cheerleader for our Supply Chain Management Process, but as somebody who runs a business myself, I’ve seen both sides of this story, and know the difference it can make. Certainly, you can see the benefits in dollars and cents and fewer hassles almost immediately, but in my opinion, the very best part of our SCM process is the time you get back, allowing you to concentrate on the big issues weighing on your shoulders every day.

I don’t know about you, but instead of worrying about how many outdated brochures or size XXL golf shirts are in the warehouse, I’d rather spend my time putting together a great presentation that might win me that next extra-large client.

Bet you agree. But either way, I’d like to hear from you.

Give me a call anytime. I am here to help.

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