Top 10 Blogs for the Distribution IndustryIn the Distribution Industry? These Blogs Are a Must Read!

The distribution industry is a part of the marketing machine that is not often noticed by consumers, but it’s no less important because of that. The ability of the distribution process to run smoothly and get your product to the end-user without delay or difficulty is very important, and sometimes it takes many channels for effective delivery.

For such an important, complex, and all-encompassing industry it’s essential to stay up to date on distribution developments and news. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 blogs we feel are exceptional at informing the modern distributor.

The Top 10 Distribution Blogs

Industrial Distribution: Relevant, focused, and informative – the Industrial Distribution blog is one of the best places for all distribution and supply chain news and topics.

Modern Distribution Management: This site offers “wholesale distribution news, expert analysis and modern research.” Their blog has regular and helpful themes like Q&As, Tips, and Recommended Reading categories.

Supply Chain Management Review: This resource covers a broad range of topics, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you might not anywhere.

Industrial Supply Magazine: Home of all things distribution and manufacturing, the Industrial Supply Magazine supplies a consistent stream of information and news that’s important for any distributor to stay on top of.

Supply Chain Digest: Find great thought leadership articles and blogs on a range of distribution topics at Supply Chain Digest.

DisTribute: A great blog for industrial distributors, with topics and advice ranging from tech and small business tips to strategic pricing. While you’re there, be sure to find out information about their TribNet Conference and get connected.

Barrett Distribution Center: This supply chain company has a blog dedicated to issues of 3pl and industry-specific services. Whatever industry you’re in, you can probably find discussions on distribution logistics here.

Supply Times: “The technological enhancements of the past decade have led to an ever-evolving business environment that impacts every business function, including the supply chain.” With this thesis in mind, Supply Times focuses on a broad range of topics, but is especially honed in on automation, process reengineering, and sustainability. Lots of ground breaking research here.

Supply Chain Brain: Innovative and consistent, this news hub takes a look at many trending distribution and industry ideas. Not only is this a good resource for short articles, you can also delve into more in-depth content like whitepapers and regular podcasts.

Distribution Center: An industry tour de force with many different topics and headlines, Distribution Center Magazine is a must for any distributor. As with many of these industry-relevant magazines it’s never a bad idea to subscribe to their e-newsletter and get news and important topics directly to you inbox.

Collect All the Information You Can!

Reading up on new material to stay in-tuned to your industry is important for any industry. The more expertise you have, the better you can do your job, and the more passionate you will be about that job. These blogs each offer a flood of information, but if you have thoughts about others we should include in this list, please comment below or contact us, and Superior Business Solutions would be happy to add that as well!


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