Essential Product. Essential Price.

Today’s post will be short but sweet. Accent on “sweet” – when you consider the price we’re offering on must-have industrial liquid sanitizer. If you follow this blog, you know that Superior has taken the lead in sourcing and delivering the most needed PPE for coronavirus to our customers.

Our efforts were praised by our governor and celebrated in the news media.

Those who know us weren’t surprised.

We’ve been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly 100 years, and we aren’t about to leave them hanging during this challenging pandemic.

Sanitizer Protects People and Businesses

Sanitizer isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity for any business.

Sanitizer is essential in protecting employees and customers as we all come back strong from a coronavirus shutdown.

But the one thing COVID has done for us all, is to remind everyone that sanitizer is essential to any business during flu season and as a 24/7/365, common-sense measure to help keep businesses humming along and communities healthy.

We’ve offered sanitizer in different forms and sizes, with and without pump mechanisms.

Today, I want to highlight an exceptional offer of special low pricing on our gallon jugs of liquid sanitizer.

Here’s all you need to know in a few simple highlights:

  • Only $19.99/gallon, with low minimums.
  • Sanitizer 80% alcohol content, approved by the W.H.O.
  • Dries quickly, so it’s great for surfaces
  • Perfect size for using with a pump or refilling smaller containers
  • In stock NOW
  • Next-day shipping available

Just to reinforce a couple of points. This sanitizer is 80% alcohol, far above the “minimum” of  60% the CDC says is effective. That 20% bonus is a 20% buffer of protection.

And it’s ideal for large surfaces like tables, counters and similar applications.

It can be sprayed on quickly and dries quickly, so those surfaces can be used again quickly.

Need Other Sizes or Products? Don’t Go Anywhere.

This low price on gallons of liquid sanitizer is pretty special.

But so is our pricing on other sizes and forms. Need liquid sanitizer in 4-oz. spray bottles? How about 275- or 330-gallon totes with metal cage, or tanker-truck sized shipments?

We not only have it – we have it at the best prices around.

Protect Yourself with the Best Partner

Who can you trust in these pandemic times?

How about the partner founded on efficiency in 1924? The company that has earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on positive customer reviews? The one who has worked to earn ISO certification for its efficient, effective processes. That, of course, is us.

Order industrial liquid sanitizer gallons at rock bottom pricing now.

For any PPE or other supplies your business needs to cope with COVID-19, contact Superior or your Superior sales representative.

Sure, it’s about saving money.

But it’s also about stocking up on protection that can help save something even more important.

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