What Your Business Can Learn From Groundhog DayDon’t Do Six More Weeks of Anything Without Reading This

Watch the TV news today and you’ll see the usual remote report from Pennsylvania featuring “Punxsutawney Phil” and whether or not he saw his shadow.  Though there is always debate about whether six more weeks of winter is a good thing or a bad thing. Here in Michigan, most years we’d be thrilled with just six more weeks of winter!

Still, for most people, Groundhog Day also calls to mind the famous movie of the same name, in which news reporter Bill Murray is doomed to repeat the same day every day until his attitude toward life changes a bit. A nice “moral of the story”, but I think we can actually take a business lesson from all this.

Get Comfortable, Get Passed By

Many managers in business get into a certain rhythm, and then are very hesitant to change anything.  Business is profitable, and their thought process is along the lines of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But there’s a problem with that line of reasoning.

The conditions in which you do business today aren’t the same today as they were last month or even last week. You may have more competitors. Your old competitors are smarter than they were. Your customers are more savvy, and they’re doing more research before they purchase.

If you’re just standing still, the competition is likely gaining on you. And if you don’t keep learning, growing, experimenting and stretching, you could be losing ground without knowing it.

What To Do?

Well, there are plenty of answers to that, but the best one is “something.”  If you read this blog, you’ve seen several suggestions here recently. I’ve given you lists of the most productive apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone.  I’ve offered some interesting ways to be more productive in your daily home and business life.

I’ve also used some technological advancements in our business to demonstrate the kind of fresh thinking that can save you plenty of time and money in yours. Our Corporate Kiosk technology, for example, is quite simply a better way to get printed, promotional and LEAN visual flow aide items. You can still do it the “old fashioned” way, of course; but if you do, then just imagine how your competitors are spending the time and money they are saving with newer, smarter approaches. You’re not only a groundhog, but a “sitting duck.”

Come Out and Look Around!

So this Groundhog Day, be like Phil. Come out and look around. If you see your shadow, that might be the competition closing in. Even if you don’t see your shadow, don’t go back into your burrow and hide. Make a real effort to find some part of your business you can improve by doing something better, smarter or more creatively.

Can you think of a time you were hesitant to make a change, but did it anyway – and got great results?  If so, please give me a call and share it. If I get some good ones, I’ll write about them to provide others a little courage and inspiration.

Oh, and  just a little Groundhog Day movie fun: the first person who comments below with the name of the song playing on the radio each morning when Bill Murray’s alarm wakes him to repeat the day one more time wins a little  something from us here at Superior.

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