3 Ways To Use Tech To Save Time - #MindfulTech

Choose Technology By What It Does, Not How “Cool” It Sounds

Our #MindfulTech series is committed to helping you use technology to make you more productive. Here are a few specific ways to DO that, on the job and off it.

1. Rule Your Technology…It’s Your Choice

Many of your suppliers likely have technically advanced systems that you can take advantage of to speed item selection, ordering, automated or simplified re-ordering, fulfillment, billing,returns or dozens of other components of your business relationship with them. Be open to taking advantage of those opportunities. Clients are sometimes hesitant because it feels like giving up control compared to the “way we’ve always done it.” But the truth is, efficiencies identified by those vendors are only smart business practices for them if they add value for their customers.

Our own Corporate Kiosk is an excellent example. Using a simple process of pre-selecting a range of approved choices for your staff to choose among when ordering print materials or promotional products, Corporate Kiosk accomplishes plenty.

• Standardizes your look and feel to customers and audiences, eliminating the chance of embarrassing or inaccurate “one-offs” ordered by unauthorized or uninformed staff members- and you spend zero time “policing” each instance.

• Saves your employees time; they no longer have to figure out how to shop and order things out of their daily comfort zone.

• Simplifies purchasing and accounting functions with one versatile, trusted vendor to deal with.

So  make a point of looking for such beneficial technology. Initiate the discussion at each presentation or sales call. And listen closely to filter out any “hype” and calculate what real difference it can make for your business.

2) There’s An App for That!

While you’re at it, keep your eyes open for personal apps that help you streamline things at home and at the office. I recently gave you some suggestions of helpful apps for your iPhone as well as for your Android smartphone. If you haven’t yet, check those out for boosts to your productivity.

3. It’s a Date! Choose Calendar Apps That Allow You to Synch Your Home and Work Lives

I know that can sound bad at first, as if you are making your family time play “second fiddle” to business. But that’s not the case.

By coordinating your activities, you are actually better able to guard important family times and events, without unpleasant surprises. Errands can be consolidated, travel minimized and brief schedule openings can be used efficiently. From a personal standpoint, I can tell you that I am most free to be productive when I know I am not compromising something in my personal life to do it.

Got any other tips along these lines? I’m counting on you to help this year as we seek to be mindful about our tech gadgets, systems, and decisions. So let me know what you think here, or in the comment section below.

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