A Warm and Fuzzy Way to Wrap up Your Corporate Gifting

And wrap up those important clients, prospects and employees in warm comfort!

You know we offer a nearly endless array of promotional items. But at this time of year, we always offer a special deal–and I can’t wait to tell you about it.  (And one YOU can’t wait to jump on, or you’ll miss out.)

They’ll Feel the Warmth

The item, of course, is a blanket. To be exact, a soft, plush, velvety thick Sherpa-backed blanket. A quality blanket you will be proud to give, and even prouder to put your logo on. And you can get it (to give it) at an incredible price!

But more on that in a moment.

A Cozy Ending for a Crazy Year

We’ve all been put through the wringer this year. We long for the comfort of anything that feels normal, and the comfort of…well, comfort.  And this blanket is the textbook definition of comfort.

This special promotional blanket is a generous 60” X 50” with a soft, velvety front and a thick Sherpa back.

They come individually wrapped, with a matching gray ribbon to present them elegantly.


Make them even more special with custom embroidery to add your logo or message, so they’ll think of your kindness (and your brand) whenever they use it. Which is sure to be often.

 Just imagine the ways your clients, prospects and associates will enjoy this wonderful gift.

Just thinking about the occasions to use it calls up cozy images…

  • Cuddled up on a couch watching the snow fall on a chilly morning
  • Wrapped in comfort, clutching a cup of coffee as they attack a spreadsheet or other project while working from home
  • Saturdays in front of the TV watching football
  • Movie night with popcorn. Enough said!

A Security Blanket for Your Business, Too

Your business will find plenty of great ways to use it, too.

Holiday gifts for employees. Corporate gifts for clients and prospects. Mementos of a holiday party or other business-related event.

Special Bonus Idea: Get a quantity of these blankets with your logo on them and keep them around. You never know when a new prospect will surface late in the holiday season, or you’ll remember someone who somehow escaped your official list. If that happens – and forgive the pun here– you’re covered!

Excellent Pricing for a Very Popular Gift

Frankly, you’d expect these quality blankets to cost more. But due to our special deal, you can get them at a price point of under $10 each – and prices can go lower with larger quantities.

And remember, they’re packed ready to give away –individually wrapped in decorative gray ribbons.

And don’t forget those embroidery options in many available colors.

These blankets are sold by the carton, with sixteen blankets in each. And one more reminder—these blankets always go quickly. So act now to stock up….or strike out!

A “Blanket” Endorsement of Superior

You need a quality product, and you need to be able to count on it arriving on time. That’s a great reason to trust Superior. We can even help you out by drop-shipping these, or any promotional items you choose, for holiday corporate gifting.

Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards are based totally on the reviews from our customers. And our ISO certification helps ensure that our systems and procedures merit your trust.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant soon to place your order for these special promotional blankets before we sell out.

And don’t forget to ask about custom embroidery. Maybe you can’t be there when your recipients enjoy these blankets on those cozy snow days and movie nights. But your logo can!

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