Rocketbook Is The “Smart Notebook” That’s a Smart Choice for Year-End 2020 Rocketbook Is the “Smart Notebook” That’s a Smart Choice for Year-End 2020 to Make 2021 SOAR!

I talk a lot about promotional items here.

And in my last few posts, I’ve stressed the importance of working them into your company’s holiday plans as this challenging year comes to a close.

Today, I want to focus on a very special promotional gift. It takes a critical tool that is part of every businessperson’s day and marries it with modern technology. The result is an updated approach that is more efficient and planet-friendly while saving the user time, space and money.

Rocketbook Strikes the Right Note for Today

I’m talking, of course, about the Rocketbook line of reusable notetaking products.

Rocketbook is the best-selling “smart” notebook in the industry.

If you’re not sure what that means, you’re in for a treat.

The Rocketbook system provides a traditional handwriting surface on which to take notes. But paired with a free app, it allows you to send those notes to the cloud destination of your choice (cropped and enhanced) for saving, organizing and easy reference.

Then, when used with Pilot FriXion pen, you can simply wipe your notebook “pages” clean with water and cloth, ready for re-use!

What’s so good about that?

Here are a few, for starters.

4 Fabulous Features of The Rocketbook Smart Notebook

  1. An authentic pen-and-paper feel.

There nothing as satisfying as feeling the penpoint leaving those words of wisdom on a real paper surface. Taking notes electronically doesn’t provide that. But it goes deeper than that.

  1. Better-than-electronic results.

Much research has been done about the value of taking notes “by hand.” (I’ve shared it several times in the past.)

You actually remember the material better than if you had just typed it on a laptop or tablet. (That’s partly because you listen more closely to determine what material is noteworthy, rather than speed-typing everything.)

  1. A better way to store and save.

With old-school notebooks, you go through a lot of them.

You don’t want to throw them out, of course, but it’s hard to remember what is where, so the piles grow and the frustration grows when you need to relocate specific comment, meeting, or topic.

Not a problem when you store, sort and organize in the cloud destination of your choice.

  1. Less waste, less clutter.

Since you don’t need all those old notebooks, you don’t need all that space to keep them in. (And you don’t need to have a steady supply of new ones.)

The environmental benefit of that is obvious, as well. While paper and trees are a renewable resource, why use them when there’s a better way?  In this case, there is.

Why Rocketbook’s Popularity is Soaring

You can easily see why Rocketbook is a perfect choice for your corporate gift-giving.

It is functional and memorable, and will leave a great impression of your company for being both thoughtful and up-to-date.

It’s a wonderful way to express appreciation and cement your relationships with:

  • clients
  • top prospects
  • technology associates and partners
  • remote employees (I’ve talked about that need in my last two posts)

And putting your branding on a Rocketbook product for your holiday promotional marketing is especially efficient and reasonable.

features and benefits of Rocketbook.

Take advantage of:

  • Free Virtuals (See what your item will look like in advance.)

  • No Set-up Fees (Speaks for itself)

  • PMS Color Matching (Your logo will look perfect because it can.)

Rocketbook With a Booster?

For special clients and new employees (especially remote workers), a promotional kit built around a Rocketbook might be the perfect choice.

We can put together a Rocketbook Core Notebook or Panda Planner packaged with any number of great add-ons like mugs, thermal tumblers, desk caddies – all carrying your imprint!

We’ll customize the packaging, and even drop-ship them to you or to your recipients.

Rocketbook has also partnered with Think Board to create Think Board X2.

It’s a peel-and-stick dry-erase surface with embedded Rocketbook  “Beacons.”

It can attach to a desk, wall, refrigerator – you name it!

And it will deliver the same great scan-and-send-to-cloud possibilities. And it, too, will carry your logo prominently.

Make Your Team “Team Rocketbook”

Brand Your Remote Tools for employees with Rocketbook

Rocketbook Notebooks are a terrific way to keep your team connected with one another and working productively.

It makes collaboration a cinch – and all the notes, comments, edits, and improvements can be scanned and saved from their “home office” – even if that’s on the couch with their favorite black Lab.

Equipping your remote workers with a Rocketbook tool will build team spirit with your branding, and help focus their team workflow.

Could there be a better “win-win” from a holiday promotional gift?

Our Team is Ready to Launch

We’re ready to help YOUR business take off, fueled by:

  • nearly 100 years’ experience in helping businesses work efficiently
  • ISO certification you won’t find in many print and promotional product partners
  • 4 consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on customer reviews

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant today. We can help you choose the perfect item to meet your company’s objectives.

Maybe it will be a Rocketbook Notebook, to take note-taking to another level (the Cloud?).

But we have an incredible variety of products, plenty of creative ideas, and best of all, more experience than anyone in picking products to help you onboard employees or delight clients and prospects this holiday season.

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