Here’s a Fresh Crop of Business and Relationship-Builders

This week, I’ve been talking about how promotional products can help build a business in different industries. Today, let’s talk about produce marketing. It’s another industry where you are only as good as the quality and timeliness of your last delivery. And when a wholesale produce buyer or retail chain needs fruits or vegetables, you’re not in the game if they don’t know your name.

That’s where promotional items come in. We have deep experience in helping clients choose, purchase, and distribute just the right item and send just the right message to their current and prospective clients. We’ve learned that the best items are both functional and uniquely themed to your industry. Our resources are nearly unlimited—but here are a few suggestions that will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

  1. Promotional Calendars

    Images of farm life, animals, crops and rural living are inviting and very popular, especially with inspirational messages included. And calendars are among the most sought-after items in today’s tech-driven world. Promotional calendars come in many styles from wall to pocket and desk options. And they are welcomed by seed and implement dealerships, sales offices, and many other places.
    Promotional Calendars - Business Promotional Product

  2. Promotional Produce-Inspired Stress Relievers

    Of course, there’s NO stress in the produce business. Yes, I’m kidding. But these stress-busters ease any that exists, quickly. They draw a smile as soon as you look at them. And they squeeze plenty of goodwill out of your business relationships!
    Avocado Stress Reliever Promotional Product

  3. Fruit Infusion Flavor Carafe

    A perfect item for blending today’s tastes with your industry. The easy way to infuse water, teas, spirits and more with natural flavors, from the delicious fruits and vegetables you help provide. If you want a promotional item that really stands apart from the competition, this one pours it on.
    Logo Imprint on Custom Branded Fruit Infusion Flavor Carafe

  4. Custom Shaped Promotional Pen

    We can create the perfect pen to complement your brand. It’s like a “farmer’s market” for pens, with everything from carrots to avocados, and strawberries to bananas, and everything in between. Promotional pens are always popular. And these will be the most popular pen on your customers’ desks. Which will make you pretty popular too!
    Custom Shaped Promotional Pens

  5. Custom Branded Agricultural Pail

    Perfect for a wide range of at-work uses, like transporting seed to testing facilities and more. But so handy, they will find their way to your prospects’ homes, too.

    The lids come in assorted colors to really accent your branding and make them stand out. So visible with company name and logo, they ought to be on any marketer’s ‘bucket list.’
    Custom Branded Agricultural Pail

  6. Custom Produce Shaped and Farm Inspired USB Drives

    To paraphrase an old commercial, “nobody doesn’t like USBs.” Especially when they are functional and fun to use. Pick up a lettuce, strawberry or tractor USB drive or design one that is completely customized for your brand. Customers and trade show visitors love them. And you can preload them with your information and sales message to make them work even harder.
    Custom Shaped Farm Inspired USB Drive

  7. Custom Branded Cookbook

    Your promotional marketing will really get cooking with one of over 3 million cookbook titles available. Choose/create a cookbook highlighting your produce and customized with your logo, or buy unbranded books in bulk to pass out. Our book experts are skilled “promotional librarians” to help you every step of the way.
    Custom Branded Cookbook

  8. Promotional Cutting Boards

    Check out grape inspired serving pieces to pineapple cutting boards, and every customized fruit and vegetable shape in between. Promotional cutting boards put your brand close at hand, and become useful items, treasured for years. What better place to promote the goodness of your produce than in the family kitchen!
    Logo Customizable Promotional Cutting Board Produce

  9. Promotional Apparel

    Apparel is always a hit, especially when it includes popular brand names and well-chosen items. Put your custom logo on North Face, Nike, Levelwear apparel and more to make a statement about your brand, build employee pride and increase customer relationships. They’ll wear it because it will be a favorite. And when they do, plenty of other people will see you, too!
    North Face Custom Promotional Apparel

  10. Customized Promotional Kitting

    Kitting is a great way to highlight a new product or promotional partnership. Bringing together printed materials and promotional items from varied sources can really dial up the impact. Maintaining a timeline and staying on budget can be tricky—but our extensive experience makes that happen.


Your Source for Promotion Items and Ideas

If you are involved in produce marketing, whether as a grower, distributor, wholesaler or retailer, promotional items keep your name in front of those very important to your success. Tap into our creativity and almost 100 years of success increasing sales for our customers and get access to our powerful roster of proven vendors.

To put all this at your disposal, Contact us right now or reach out to one of our talented sales reps to get things moving for you. You grow plenty of fresh, delicious things. And the right promotional item or package can help you grow your business right along with it.

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