What You Do Next Week Will Matter for the Next Year

If you are thinking of skipping the promotional gifts this year, you’ll probably get away with it, for now. You might even save a few bucks. But I predict it will cost you plenty in the months and years ahead. Here’s why.

Nobody’s going to cancel an order because you didn’t send them anything.

They’ll probably still take your phone calls.

But those clients and top prospects have a lot on their minds. And six or 12 months out, what’s on their minds, probably won’t be your business.

R.O.I. Is Built on R.O.R.

That’s Return on Relationship™.

Business flows from relationships.

And NOW is the best time to strengthen them so that your business will be top of mind next year.

No one is claiming a key client is going to pick up the phone and place a big order because he likes the Yeti mug you just sent him. And don’t expect your top prospect is going to suddenly choose you because you sent her a cool jacket for the holidays.

But a promotional gift is “Miracle-Gro” for the relationship. It builds warm feelings. It helps them think of you more often. And it keeps you “top of mind” rather than “back of Rolodex.”

Research Proves Promotional Gifts Work

From time to time, I mention results from recent surveys conducted for the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).  Here are just a few that I think are especially relevant to holiday promotional gifts.

  • 85% of people worldwide remember the advertiser that gave them a promotional gift.

And why not? Your branding is in full view every time they wear a piece of apparel, drink from a mug or use a desktop accessory you gave them.

  • One year is the average amount of time a promotional item is kept.

It ranges up to 16 months for outerwear and other items. So you’ll be front-and-center in their lives for an extended period…like throughout 2021.

  • Promotional items are the most highly regarded form of advertising.

That means that along with all the good will and positive feelings your gift will generate, it also serves as your most effective advertising at the same time!

When you look at these stats, you can see that promotional gifts ought to be a “given” during the holidays. And that you ought to find reasons to use them all year round.

Kitting – a Holiday Promotional Gift Tradition

With more than 100 years’ experience in helping businesses work efficiently, we are well qualified to help you choose the right item. Or items. Some of the most unique and memorable promotional holiday gifts include more than one item.

The holidays are the perfect time to consider promotional kitting.

What is promotional kitting?

Promotional kitting allows you to select a variety of appropriate promotional (or even PPE) items chosen especially for your clients, prospects and key employees.

These can include industry-specific gifts, general functional or fashionable items, even literature from your company.

Superior Makes it Special and EASY

Whether you choose one item or a kit, Superior makes the process incredibly easy and stress-free.

  • We can provide knowledgeable advice to help you choose. Our expertise allows us to recommend items that have proven successful for others….or creative, unique items that will really stand out.
  • We can have your imprint placed on the smallest quantities of your chosen items – even individual gifts. No minimum purchase is required to make a maximum impression on your most important contacts.
  • We can drop-ship the items to take you out of the fulfillment business. You save time and avoid hassle, and we take care of everything.

The Time to Act is NOW

There’s still time, but not a lot. You won’t find a better partner.

Our ISO certification ensures that you receive our best effort.

And our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards show that that effort brings results.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales rep for help choosing the best promotional gifts to help your business win not only the holiday season, but the long, profitable year ahead.

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