With Print+Mail, They Get a Check – You Get a Break

Last week, I told you about the benefits of eChecks. They eliminate the cost and hassles of writing paper checks and make it easy for the payee to convert your email payment to a paper check or deposit it directly.

But many businesses and individuals still prefer to receive a paper, printed check for tracking, records, and other reasons. Now, you can accommodate them while still saving substantial time and money in the payment process with Print+Mail.

How Print+Mail Works for You

Print+Mail is incredibly simple and is a true time and money saver. There are three easy steps—and only one of them is yours!

  1. What YOU Do

You create what is essentially an electronic payment, via any computer or your mobile device. No checks to write, envelopes to buy, or stamps to lick, and no need to hunt down the recipient’s email address. Then…

  1. What Print+Mail Does

Print+Mail will generate and print your payment on high-security check stock, and mail it the same day.

  1. What the Recipient Does

Receives a printed check in the mail, just as expected, ready for deposit at their convenience.

Why Print+Mail Works So Well

Print+Mail has a long list of benefits, but here are just a few.

  • Time and Money Saved

Takes a tedious task off you and your employees. No checks, envelopes or stamps to buy, and no time spent dealing with all that.

  • Flexibility

You can pay in whatever way works best for your employees, vendors, and clients while minimizing the manual labor required on your part to do it.

  • Security

Protection for all parties. Checks are printed with security safeguards to prevent fraud or malicious use. No need for email addresses or bank account and routing numbers. There’s a reason Deluxe eChecks has a long and strong reputation as an electronics payment leader.

  • Easily Integrated

Print+Mail is compatible with most accounting software. You don’t have to worry about set-up snags.

best of print and digital winner

Print+Mail: Another Benefit of You Plus Superior

At Superior, we have a long history (nearly 100 years now) of making businesses more efficient. So we only align with proven, high-quality partners. Deluxe Checks is a great example. Their reliability fits well with our ISO certification, which holds us to the highest standards in serving our customers.

Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards were based solely on reviews from those customers. That’s a clear indication that they are seeing plenty of benefits from our efforts.

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep  to find out more about how your organization can benefit from using eChecks “Print+Mail.”  Your payees get real checks in the mail, but you don’t have to write and send them!

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