***Download FREE White Paper HERE To Learn How To Address Document Security Risks To Your Business***

Download White Paper To Learn How To Address Document Security Risks To Your Business

In a post earlier this week, I talked about document security and the great increase in counterfeiting, alteration and duplication of sensitive or restricted documents in many different businesses and industries. The post offered the free download of a white paper we’ve put together on the topic. That white paper includes a detailed plan for conducting a risk analysis at your business; it is very specific in what questions to ask whom.

I mentioned that many businesses think they are immune to this kind of activity, or that they don’t really have documents that require that kind of protection. But a very interesting thing happens when you start to read the questions in the white paper. 

Realizing the Risk

Once you start reading the questions in the white paper on document risk analysis, you may find yourself asking questions you never considered. For example, one question asks how customers would feel about continuing to do business with you if you suffered some kind of data breach or a loss due to a counterfeit document. It is then that you realize, document security can be more than just simply annoying, it can be a real threat to your business.

It’s one thing to read generalities about problems like this, and quite another to envision it happening within the walls of your own operation. We can all nod and think, “yeah, that makes sense” when we consider the importance of secure documents at universities (student records), government agencies (permits, licenses, titles, you name it), and banks and other financial institutions, but what about the risk to your business?

Learn Document Security Risks for Your Business

Pretty much every business has important records and other things it needs to protect. Sports and entertainment companies, would counterfeit tickets cause any problems? Pharmaceutical or chemical companies, how important is it to maintain accurate, unaltered labels?  See what I mean?

Companies in almost every industry spend great amounts of time and money creating distinctive, carefully crafted marketing materials and coupons. Think of the damage done if those materials were altered or distorted and used against the company – or simply copied and used to promote a competitor’s products or services?

Anyway, do me a favor – or, more accurately, do yourself one. Download our free White Paper on conducting a Document Security Risk Analysis. Just by reading through it, you’ll get a whole new perspective on what document security really means, and how important it really is to your business. You’ll also get a helpful idea of where to start in addressing the problem.

If you want to discuss it, or have any questions about the process, just call me.  Or call one of our two sales representatives who are well-versed in the area of document security: Marshall  Englebrook  in  York, PA at  717-329-9259, or Jon Cummings in SE Michigan at 810-523-2706. Seriously, the biggest risk is in not calling.


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