Exploring the Benefits of eChecks

eChecks can really save your business time and money. And since we’ve been helping businesses operate more efficiently for nearly a century, I felt like I ought to catch you up on the concept.

We often think of writing checks as a necessary evil (we’d always rather deal with money coming in than going out).  And that’s understandable, of course, especially with the expense and bother of buying envelopes, stamps, and paper checks. (Not to mention maintaining current mailing addresses, financial information, and actually putting payments in the mail.)

But eChecks can dramatically reduce or eliminate the time and expense of writing paper checks. In the process, they actually make your vendors and other payment recipients much happier with the results. It “checks out” on both ends.

How eChecks Work…for You

The process is incredibly simple…literally as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. You create an eCheck on your computer and email it.
  2. The recipient receives and prints it.
  3. It can then be deposited in any preferred method – directly, through a mobile app or a visit to the bank.

Your payee is happy. They simply get their payment immediately when you send it. Printing the check is like opening the envelope—without waiting for the mail to arrive.

eCheck Out All the Benefits

You really need to contact us to find out more, but here are just a few of the advantages eChecks deliver to your business.

  • Time and Money Saved

It’s a long list. No checks or stamps needed, no envelopes to buy or “stuff.”  And you don’t have to delegate employee time to tedious tasks. There are none. You just do it.

  • Better Control of Your Money

Pay bills when they are due; no need to add who-knows-how-many extra days to allow for delivery. (No rush courier fees.) And you can ensure that your payment is applied to the correct invoice.

  • Better Security

No need to for the recipient’s routing or account numbers, as with other electronic payment options. You are just sending a check.

  • System Integration

You can link eChecks to your accounts payable process. It is compatible with QuickBooks and other popular accounting software.

The Cutting Edge of Cutting Checks

Superior has served businesses well for nearly 100 years. And that has meant being proactive in exploring and offering advanced tools to help them operate with maximum efficiency.  So we have partnered with Deluxe Payments Exchange to provide this service. It’s an excellent addition to our offerings when we see testimonials like these:

“We relocate families from disasters and we have to have checks sent out to landlords so they can move in. We used to overnight checks through UPS and it cost 30 bucks and a half an hour of time and now with the simple click of a button we are able to ensure a family has money in their time of need.” – Robert M., HOME SOURCE CORP

“I do four different events. Depending upon on the size of the event, with my largest event we have anywhere from 1200 to 1500 sellers. All those people get paid at the end of the sale. We are able to upload our data from our point of sale system into the eChecks system, as well as QuickBooks, so that they can be paid very quickly. We’ve reduced our cycle time from about 10 days to 4 days. So our people are getting paid much faster by email.” – Tracy P., Just Between Friends

“We now save all of those hours on a weekly basis that were spent doing something mundane. We don’t have to buy the envelopes anymore, so that’s a cost savings. We don’t have to take the time to address and stamp them all, more time savings. And our crews absolutely, positively, hands down LOVE eChecks. We’re known as the fastest payors in the East, that is one of our kudos.” – Roseann B., Solutions Management, Inc

“I have control first of all, I write the checks myself from anywhere in the country or the world, and I email them to my site managers. They print them out and they get them to the guys on the same day, which is absolutely fabulous and I have control of everything, which is great.” – Carmen L., International Builders, Inc

It Pays to Pay Attention to Superior

Since payments are a part of business, we are working to offer as many efficient options in that area as we can. Soon we will tell you about another service that offers virtually all of the advantages I’ve mentioned above but provides the recipient a traditional business check via regular mail. (But YOU don’t do the work!)

We’ve partnered with businesses in many different ways. Few potential partners can say their processes have earned ISO certification. And our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards says even more. That’s why we can boast a few testimonials about pleasing customers, too.

best of print and digital winner

“Superior has always exceeded expectations.”  –  Joel G.

“Excellent customer service. Great to work with. Creative in helping us find solutions.” – Ryan C.

“Easy to work with.” – Carol B.

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep to find out more about how your organization can benefit from eChecks – the ultimate in payment “e”-fficiency.

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