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Counterfeiting of sensitive documents is a major problem for many businesses today. The document risks to businesses as well as their consumers include checks, birth certificates, coupons, money orders and many other documents. In order to better serve our clients who are at risk, I felt it was vital that we take advantage of a unique opportunity we were presented with to learn about security solutions at a much higher level.

Recently, Jon Cummings and Marshall Englebrooke, sales representatives at Superior Business Solutions, participated in a special educational event hosted by one of our key, document security print manufacturer partners.  The event focused on document security solutions used to deter counterfeit attacks and included a private tour of a high security paper mill.

Document Security Threats Are On The Rise...Is Your Business Protected?

Appvion Paper Mill


Jon Cummings Document Security Specialist

Jon Cummings

“Having the opportunity to tour the best-in-class Appvion paper mill was an eye opening experience and one that greatly enhanced my knowledge of the security industry.” Jon Cummings said.  “The overall experience will benefit both me and my clients as I consult with them on how Superior Business Solutions can provide assistance in their efforts to have the highest level of secure documents in the future.”

Layers of Document Protection

The event included presentations containing valuable information on the various types of counterfeit attacks and tactics used by criminals to create fraudulent documents. Jon and Marshall received information on security options that may be incorporated into the paper itself, as well as various print based features that may be layered together to deter counterfeit and alteration attacks. Additional features may be used to authenticate a document with the naked eye or special security tools. This document security “toolkit” will help Superior Business Solutions clients in many ways, and in many industries.

Marshall Englebrooke Document Security Specialist

Marshall Englebrooke

As Marshall Engelbrooke said, “The printed security training and plant tour was a great experience.  I learned a lot in the presentations and discussions. Touring the security paper mill operation provided a deeper understanding of how the special protection features in the various Appvion security papers are created.  This knowledge will help me to consult with my customers on how to best secure their checks, brand tags and labels, and other security documents against counterfeiting, duplication and alteration.”

Why Wonder? Get Free Risk Analysis White Paper

By now, a number of you might be thinking “none of that really applies to me and my business.” But that may prove to be very costly thinking.

Counterfeiting crosses many areas including identity and brand theft.  For a business to fully understand the potential damage that may occur from a counterfeit attack, you should consider performing a Risk Analysis. We have created a free Risk Analysis White Paper you can download HERE.

Companies interested in learning more about protecting their documents from counterfeit attack may contact either Jon or Marshall from our sales reps page list under About Us the navigation above or feel free to give us a call at 800.968.1416.

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