It’s All About the Process

The Easy Way To Manage Your Print and Promotional Products For the last few weeks we’ve been talking about how print commodity management and management of your promotional product purchases can be simplified through our methods of print and promotional management. Commodity management of your print and streamlined purchasing of your promotional products might sound overwhelming to deal with, but it can actually be a simple process to implement.

Here at Superior, we want to make print and promotional product management easier for you and your business by developing a systematic approach designed to save you time and money. Yes, we use the most advanced technologies to enhance the buyer’s experience and ensure product control, but we also focus heavily on fine-tuning the management process.

Combining our Corporate Kiosk technologies along with our Promoplace, provides streamlined commodity management of your print and promotional programs and products, and it will save you time and money. These are processes that work.

Corporate Kiosk: Your Customized E-Store

The fully customizable Corporate Kiosk solution is much more than a website to place an order for print or promotional products. It tracks inventory and provides approved re-order points. It communicates with the buyer, the location, plant or distribution center and our customer service department simultaneously. You can program the look, functionality, and a personalized experience for each buyer when needed, making the process smooth and professional.

Simplify Promotional Shopping with Promoplace

In short, we do the shopping for you. But even though we offer to do the shopping, there are buyers that want to look for themselves. That’s completely fine. We simplify the experience of finding the perfect promotional products as much as possible to save you time and money.

Promoplace is a one-stop e-site for EVERYTHING promotional. It has over 750,000 promotional products and apparel. The user can filter by product, price, brand name, etc., and we help you create your own product groups or categories. You don’t need to go anywhere else. It’s that easy.

We’re Print and Promotional Specialists

When it comes to program management of promotional products, we’re specialists. We use experience and technology as management tools to support our client’s promotional management programs and to allow you the opportunity to determine how they would fit within your organization.

We have been in business for over 90 years and have a vast network of over 2000 print distributors. So when I say we have the best price and product around, I mean it. And don’t forget that your processes with Corporate Kiosk Technology and Promoplace will be streamlined and much more cost effective already.

So get ready to make commodity management nightmares a thing of the past! If you have questions, or would just like to chat more about this, please feel free to give Steve Bramble a call at (616) 514-5624. Steve’s position is to work with our Account Managers and clients with program understanding, development, and implementation. He’ll be able to talk with you about how we might be able to help with your commodity management of print and promotional products.

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