Printing Big Envelope Quantities Could Mean a Big Opportunity

If your business goes through large quantities of envelopes each month, you know that can be costly in both money and manpower. We are happy to help, of course, in printing and supplying those envelopes efficiently at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on delivering them where and when you need them right on schedule.

But we could do—and save you—even more. That large number of envelopes suggests that you are also spending a great deal of time and effort preparing, printing and mailing a similarly large number of invoices, monthly statements or other communications with your customers. That, of course, incurs costs far beyond those of simply printing envelopes. So why limit your savings to one small part of the process?

Print-to-Mail Saves on Envelope Printing and Statement Processing

Superior Business Solutions can take over your entire statement-processing activities with automated technologies that eliminate costly manual handling. The system generates custom statements and invoices personalized to each customer. It prints each document, folds it, then inserts it into the appropriate envelope. In the process, you are better able to control mailing costs and improve delivery accuracy and timing.

It may seem like a big step to turn over your statement processing to Superior. But it will probably be a big relief to your accounting department, and to employees who are spared those responsibilities and can then use that time more productively. A trusted Superior partner will provide a secure network that protects all your data with SSAE16 certified technology and protocols. That delivers an additional advantage: in the event of a natural disaster, you’ll recover your data more quickly and accurately. Find out more about how to ensure your revenue continues in the event of a disaster.

It’s Not About Envelopes, It’s About Efficiency

Here are some benefits of trusting Superior with your statement processing functions:

  • Timely distribution and faster turnaround time. Not only helps ensure statement delivery at the preferred time, but speeds the receipt of payment as a result.
  • Manual handling is reduced or eliminated. Fewer errors, and less drain on employee productivity.
  • Savings on postage and mailing costs. Size, shape and weight impact mailing costs. Design decisions are made to maximize savings.
  • Electronic billing and email delivery of statements is enabled. You may choose this option with, or instead of, paper billing. Either way, it adds to customer convenience and assists in prompt customer compliance.

Push the Envelope for a Better Solution: Print-to-Mail

Printing envelopes is a necessary part of doing business. If you are using 8,000 or more envelopes each month, we can help. Superior Business Solutions is ISO Certified in an industry of more than 22,000 competitors in the commercial printing space—for customer satisfaction and loyalty. The 2017 Best of Print and Digital Award confirms the quantifiable difference when clients work with Superior.

See how your business benefits in time and cost savings by working with Superior Business Solutions. We know how to save you time and money on your printing. Contact me today or reach out to one of our winning sales reps to find out how your company benefits from our print to mail services.

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