Print Commodity Management and Management of Promotional Products Made Easy

Three Part Guest Post by Steve Bramble, Superior Business Solutions Director of Program Implementation 

What Makes Superior Business Solutions Different ?Commodity management of your print and program management of your promotional products might sound overwhelming to deal with, but it actually can be a relatively easy process to implement.

What Makes Superior Business Solutions Different When It Comes To Program Management of Promotional Products?

In part one of this series on print and promotional product management made easy, I talked about our Corporate Kiosk technology benefits and shared with you the power of combining Corporate Kiosk technology with Promoplace for a time and cost saving solution that is easy to implement in part two.

In my last post in this series, I still felt like I had to touch on a couple more areas before we get a chance to talk in person about some of the challenges you are facing in commodity management of your print and promotional products, (feel free to call me at (616) 514-5624) and those areas are price and planning.

Why We Can Help You Buy Print and Promotional Products Better

How much does that really cost? Good question. With minimum quantities, set up charges, PMS color charges, and more, determining actual cost of print and promotional products can be tricky. Many companies get nickel and dimed and don’t realize it until they get the bill. We can help.

Superior Business Solutions has already negotiated “End Column Pricing” with the major domestic promotional product distributors, but we have taken it one step further. We now have “feet on the ground” in the overseas markets that directly manufacture promotional products, saving substantially by eliminating the middle man mark-ups.

We also find that as our relationships grow with our clients, we are able to identify many common purchases that can take advantage of direct sourcing. By helping event planners pre-plan for trade shows and golf outings, for example, we can use increased volume along with direct saving to increase net savings as well.

Furthermore, we have been in business for over 90 years and have a vast network of over 2000 print distributors, so when I say we have the best price and product, it’s easy to see why. And remember, your processes with Corporate Kiosk Technology and Promoplace will be streamlined and much more cost effective already.

We Are Your Customer Service

Does that come in blue? Can I have that by Monday? Is that in stock or do we have to order it? Can you ship overseas? Can I get a sample? What is the status of my order? I want something different than what’s in the store and I don’t have time to look around. Help!

Although not always the reason our customers first hire us, I am lucky to say that our Customer Service department is a big reason they stay. Few things take up more time than answering all the questions that come with a promotional products program. With your dedicated CSR like Melissa, let us help you shop, sweat the small stuff, and protect your brand.

We Plan Ahead For All The Events You Plan

Training, trade shows, company picnics, client meetings, health and safety programs. A lot goes into these events and initiatives besides what you use as a giveaway. Often promotional items get ordered at the last minute as one of many agenda items.

We can help not only plan ahead to buy better and ensure on-time delivery, but we offer consultation on the target audience and goals of the event and we can provide all printed materials as well.

Make Promotional Product Management Nightmares a Thing of The Past

Let’s give the people what they want and while you’re at it, increase efficiencies, save money, and, hey, maybe even sleep better at night knowing your promotional product programs and print commodity management systems are working for you, not against you.

About Steve Bramble Steve Bramble

Steve’s position is to work with our Account Managers and clients with program understanding, development, and implementation. Please feel free to give him a call at (616) 514-5624 to talk with him about how we might be able to help with your commodity management of print and promotional products.

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